Adam Milstein: Righteously Representing the State of Israel

Adam Milstein is an Israeli native who evolved over the course of his life to become one of the most influentially virtuous leaders that the nation has ever had. As a child, Milstein was taught by his parents to honor and love his family and culture and this inevitably became a teaching that developed into a passion for Milstein. Moreover, being that Milstein’s cultural rearing had also forced him to bear witness to multiple economic, political, and social misfortunes for the people of Israel, his compassion and extreme virtuosity as an upstanding individual would not permit him to idly sit back and do nothing to help himself and others. Therefore, Adam Milstein did what he thought was most beneficial to help his family and fellow Israeli brethren at the time by signing up with the Israeli Defense Forces at 19. After partaking in a courageous battle (Yom Kippur War of 1973) to help Israel prevail against opponents, Milstein then knew that his purpose in life was to fulfill the role of a cultural Preservator.

Following his decision to educate himself at the Israel Institute of Technology to graduate with a Business Management degree, Milstein chose to move to the U.S. where he would have the accessible opportunity to teach Israeli-Americans the value that lie within their heritage. Nevertheless, that’s when Adam Milstein and his wife Gila came up with the idea to create a nonprofit organization that would allow them to service the welfare of the community—the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. Created in 2000 by the couple, the MFF has played a huge role in inspiring the growth and social maintenance of the Jewish community by supplying the essentials of education, medical care, and financial funding to pro-Israel projects. Furthermore, the MFF also strives to serve as a mentoring system by catering to the youth by teaching them to become professional leaders in society and by establishing association such as the Campus Allies Mission to Israel to inspire college students of all backgrounds to become pro-Israel activists. By working with the youth, Adam Milstein hopes to rid the issue of anti-Semitism in the community and create an environment that is less toxic to the expression of the human spirit.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin revisit Arpaio crimes

Joe Arpaio is the former sheriff of Maricopa County who was pardoned by President Trump after he was found guilty of disobeying court orders that required him to stop the harassment of Latinos which was going on in the county. Arpaio never obeyed court orders which had been given in a case that happened in 2013.

There was a high number of people who were being harassed in his county, but he did nothing. In fact, he was behind the atrocities that were happening; he commanded his officers to go around the county looking for people who were not originally from the area. Anyone who was suspected of being an immigrant was treated with contempt. People were placed behind bars for crimes which could have been avoided. In the case of the sheriff, he supported every policy that wanted people who had been in the county illegally punished.

Joe Arpaio was the sheriff of the county for 24 years. It was surprising how he managed to be elected the sheriff for such a long time, but he was behind many atrocities in the county. What many people did not realize is that Joe Arpaio was using the immigration issue a tool of winning the seat.

He managed to convince the people that the immigrants were causing all the crimes that were happening in the county. All financial problems which were being experienced were associated with the immigrants. Through this strategy, Joe Arpaio managed to convince the conservatives that he was fighting for their rights. Read more: Michael Lacey | LinkedIn and Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

Joe Arpaio carried himself in a manner that showed that he thought that the natives were better than other people. His immigration policy has always been zero tolerance to immigrants. When he was the sheriff, he supported the birther movement which was aimed at stopping any kind of immigration into the United States.

The movement even made the then President Barack Obama to be subjected to humiliation after he was forced to reveal his birth certificate so that his identity could be verified. The current President Donald Trump started the birther movement. He was supported by Arpaio and others who thought that the immigrants needed to be kicked out of the country. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

Arpaio was already doing the same in his county. Over a period of 24 years, he was committing crimes that amounted to a violation of human rights. He ruled with an iron fist making everyone in the county to feel the pressure. Not only the immigrants were being subjected to atrocities, but even innocent people who dared to expose or to confront him were also dealt with aggressively. Lacey and Larkin were two of these people.

After exposing the sheriff, they found themselves on the wrong side with the sheriff. They were discriminated against and subjected to arrest in the middle of the night. They were placed in concentration camps where the immigrants use to be placed. Luckily for them, they knew their rights and were not afraid of the sheriff, they took him to court and were given a compensation of $3.75 million.

Kamil Idris Expresses Concern About Intellectual Property Violations

Kamil Idris holds an LLB with honors from the University of Khartoum and a Ph.D. In International Law from Geneva University in Switzerland. The Sudanese native holds honorary doctorate degrees in law from other Universities around the world. Kamil is widely known for his period in office as the Director General of the World Intellectual Property Organization from 1997- 2008. He has served in international positions including the Secretary-General of the Union for the Protection of Plant Varieties and as a member of The Permanent Court of Arbitration. Due to his experience in international affairs and law, he is regularly the chair for essential arbitration panels of the court.

Professor Kamil Idris is a respected writer of books and journals on Intellectual Property, Development and International law. He has written his biography in a book titled “My Nile Odyssey” which captures the details of his work experience in labor factories in Egypt, the time he was intimidated by fishermen on River Nile who said he possessed evil and his travels across Europe as a teenager. He has earned global achievements and respect due to his works.

The diplomat has been in the forefront of advocating for Intellectual Property Rights and Laws that safeguard them. In one of his messages when he was the Director General of WIPO, he urges everyone especially governments to protect Intellectual Property. In his view, this promotes creativity in businesses and innovating technologies which in turn leads to economic development. It is essential for everyone to join WIPO on 26th April in recognizing the endless creativity of the human mind that has enhanced the quality of society and why it is vital to protect Intellectual Property.

Intellectual property has become a dominant player in international state relations, especially in this globalized world. It is the main reason for ongoing trade disputes between the United States and China. The European Union has recently been putting in place measures to minimize and prevent disputes arising from Intellectual Property violation disputes among its states.

In 2016, the European Parliament and Council suggested a directive to protect trade secrets called the European Union Trade Secrets Directive. Its mandate is to harmonize Intellectual Property laws across the European Union. The Unified Patent Court was formed to resolve differences arising from patent theft. The European Patent Office receives, reviews and grants patent applications to help individuals and countries in the European Union to protect their work and benefit from it.


NGP VAN is Keeping Abreast Current Trends

NGP VAN is the campaign software of choice for any campaigner that wants to win. Technology has changed the face of how officials fight and win campaigns and to be a player one needs to know how to utilizes new technology. NGP VAN was the campaign of choice for the Obama 2008 election and the 2012 reelection. It was the first time that a technology campaign software played such a big role in an election campaign, and in such an important election.

NGP VAN is at the forefront of this new technology campaign software. In order to remain viable anyone who wants to win has to stay abreast of the new changes in technology. NGP VAN helps any candidate to do this. They just recently announced that they have their newest update coming out, it is the 8th addition. This new update has been lauded by its users as being the best yet.

The NGP VAN update is going to help with streamlining some of the campaign aspects that many candidates don’t like dealing with. An example of this is Dialing for Dollars. Having an updated way to ask for campaign contributions is essential and viable for campaigners. Another Improvement will be the ability to create call sheets that are custom to what the campaigner needs.



The NGP VAN update is going to have a lot of helpful Innovations that should make the candidates campaign a lot easier and efficient to run. It will make data easier to access so that it will be easier to plan the best way to run the most successful campaign for that candidate. For example, when is a candidates performance better? Is it the morning or the afternoon? They can then take this information and make plans to build a more successful campaign.

Keeping true to its original form of being a very successful technology for campaign runners, NGP VAN is keeping abreast of new and current trends. Another example of an improvement is its LGBTQ engagement option. This will allow users of the software to assign gender pronouns that are non-binary in their records for certain donors or supporters if they want that option. This is something that is very important in the current political climate. NGP VAN definitely researches what the current trends and needs are of its users and does its best to then present the best product that will help them be successful.

Human, Civil and Migrants’ Rights Activist Groups

Many civil and human rights groups dedicate their resources to educate people and help in having equal rights for all. The groups are known to take care of the needs of the minority in the society and the powerless. Read more; Michael Lacey | LinkedIn and Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

Thus, although the groups represent every person in need of their help, in most cases, they aim at helping immigrants, women and children.

Some of the many groups that stand for human rights in America and the world in General include:

The Advocates for Human Rights

The group has been serving people in need for over 30 years. It represents locals in a given region and every person, regardless of their geographical location.

Their funding comes from volunteers, loyal supporters and staff who work tirelessly to see that their rights are upheld. That way, even an immigrant will have a chance of getting basic needs like food, housing and education for the children.

The American Immigration Lawyer Association (AILA)

AILA is one of the groups that are lucky to have a large number of experts when it comes to law. The group was founded in 1946. The organization has thirteen thousand attorneys and law professors. Learn more about Jim Larkin Michael Lacey:

The primary purpose of this group is to offer professional services to the people and represent those who need to appear in court, especially immigrants. The group, just like the others, is non-profit and non-partisan. AILA represents US citizens, who would like their relatives to get citizenship. It also represents American companies that seek talent and skills from other countries.

Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund

This group was formed out of one person’s pain. The group focuses on educating people about their civil and human rights while also protecting the migrants through the law. Both Michael Larking and Lacey founded Larking and Lacey Frontera.

The two are the owners of the Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media. The money the group is using to create awareness and support its course came from a settlement they received when they investigated one officer, Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

The $3.75 million they received was dedicated to giving everybody a voice, freedom of speech alongside other civil and human rights. The dual operates from Arizona.

Coalition for Human Immigration Rights of Los Angeles (CHIRLA)

CHIRLA is one of the largest human rights activist groups based in California. Initially, the group only served the California region, but today they serve all people at a national level.

The group focuses on the rights of migrants through championing for a change of policies and public opinions.

Fox News Tries To Sway The Poorly Educated, But Thor Halvorssen Stops Them In Interview

During a recent victory speech, Donald Trump proclaimed that he loved the poorly educated. Sadly, it seems that his proclamation is a comment on the American electorate as a whole. It is no more evident than in the Bernie Sanders campaign. The Vermont Senator running as a Democrat for the president of United States is a self-avowed democratic socialist. There’s a lot of confusion as to what this means and the older generation has a negative connotation of socialism that lingers from the Cold War. In the Fox News network was trying to take advantage of the ignorance involving socialism in a recent interview-turned-viral-video with Human Rights Foundation founder Thor Halvorssen.


It’s pretty easy to see that Fox News is trying to perpetuate the idea that socialism is inherently evil. If the network can do that, then it would be easy to take Bernie Sanders down in a general election against the Republicans. And they get right to work in the slanted interview.


She then tries to tie the word socialism to the word evil, asking the founder of the Human Rights Foundation why socialism is a violation of basic human rights. Thor seems a bit stunned, but that only lasts a moment. He calmly starts explaining that socialism is just a form of government that can be used to promote harmony and equality or can be used to violate basic human rights. It is not inherently evil. The hostess doesn’t buy it and asks him to define socialism. He asks her which kind of socialism she would like him to define, but she does not want to get too much into detail.
It then becomes clear that Thor Halvorssen sees what they’re trying to do and turns interview around in support of Bernie Sanders and his agenda. The bewildered hostess wraps of the interview quickly but not before Thor Halvorssen turns the interview into a viral video that supports the very thing the network was trying to bash.