With Lori Senecal at Their Head, a Company Is Guaranteed Success

Lori Senecal studied at McGill University. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Advertising. After graduating from university, Lori Senecal went into marketing and advertising. She quickly proved her self worth.

She started the TAG Ideation program of Mccann Erickson. She was also appointed to head their New York office. She started Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal and Partners. Lori Senecal was chosen to be the Global CEO of Crispin Porter & Bogusky.

She has received many awards. These awards were given to her because of her talent and successes. She has received many recognitions for her amazing achievements and leadership qualities. She has also caused the companies she headed to receive awards as well. She was named as one of the top executives to watch of the year. Many people look up to her for expert marketing and advertising advice. For more details visit LinkedIn.

Lori Senecal is very talented. What she is most admired for is her ability to change a company and turn it around in a very short time frame. After she joins a company, you can place your bets that the company will start seeing tremendous success and growth very soon. It is almost a given that with Lori at their head, a company will see proven success.

Lori is also known for her leadership qualities. People love working on her team. She has the ability to grow a team and help them succeed.

When it comes to marketing, Lori Senecal is certainly one of the greatest minds out there. She knows exactly what works and what does not. She can help a company achieve a remarkable return on investment through their marketing campaigns.

When it comes to Facebook marketing, Lori says that you need to make sure that you know your goals. These will be different for every company, but remember that your ultimate goals are not just to get more likes and followers, it to get more sales and revenue. Next, start aiming for your goals and use humans in your photos and vivid colors.

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The Impeccable Leadership of Lori Senecal at the Global International

Lori Senecal graduated from university with a degree in sales and marketing and got employed by a number of companies and organizations due to her exceptional leadership. She conceived the TAG Ideation marketing department, an innovative approach in the multinational sales industry.

Senecal has worked with global brands like Nestle, Xbox, Sprint, InBev, Molson and the Watchers. She also previously served as the Coca-Cola Global Account Director. Her experiences have been a pure success, wrapping it up from 2005 to 2008 as the DDB Worldwide Communications Group’s Marketing Officer.

Awards and Achievements

In 2013, Lori Senecal won the Quantum Leap Award owing to her impressive leadership skills, innovation, and vision. She went ahead to be named the Woman to Watch in the advertising world.

Her achievements are marked by her abilities to grow companies from scratch within short periods of time, innovation and leadership skills. She was feted by Fast Company as the Most Creative Person in Business in 2017.

Strengths and Team-building

She served as Global Chairperson to KBS, and during her tenure, the company was listed as the best places to work in New York. The company saw an increase in membership from 250 to 9000 people globally. Check out GCReport for more.

She also deepened MDC’s working models and promoted international collaboration. Lori went ahead and founded a new leadership position at CP+B in order to oversee the expansion of the parent company into eight international branches, making revenues to the tune of $450 million.

The Life and Career of Lori Senecal

Lori Senecal served as the Global CEO of KBS before joining CP+B. During her tenure at KBS, she recognized by Crain as one of the most inspiring global CEOs and her company one of the best places to work in New York.

Recognitions and Feats

She was put on the coveted Advertising Age list for three years in a row. Lori was named as the Woman to Watch in 2013 and honored by the AWNY Game Changer Awards for her impeccable leadership and creativity. Checkout Ideamensch for more details.

Most Influential Persons

Lori has been named among AdWeek’s Power 100 list for two years consecutively as a leader in the media, technology, and marketing. She was recently honored by Fast Company as one of the revolutionizing CEOs for the future world of business. Lori Senecal has remained the leader from KBS to McCann World Group. You can visit YouTube to see more video of Lori.