Your Trojan Horses And How Amicus Therapeutics Can Help You

At Amicus Therapeutics, we are a pharmaceutical Biotechnology company developing treatments for rare genetic Lysomal Digestion disorders like Fabry and Pompe Disease that gives your child Permanent organ damages, Difficulty breathing, and a death sentence. What’s worse, is that since diseases like Fabry and Pompe are genetic, their symptoms can strike at any time, at anyone. Whether your baby stops cooing as his organs start failing on your arms. Or you find yourself having trouble breathing, your limbs getting weak and you collapse during your family trip at 35 years old (GoogleFinance). Amicus Therapeutics Biotechnology has the treatment of Fabry disease. And we’re working on new treatments that help you fight against Pompe disease and similar genetic diseases, saving you decades of mourning and your life.


Fabry disease causes permanent organ damages that can cost you thousands of dollars to keep your child and you alive. At Amicus Therapeutics, we have developed an Enzyme Replacement treatment that can activate your alpha-GAL A enzymes, which absorbs GL-3 and Lyso-Gb 3 substrates that damage your organs, which stops working because your GLA gene that produces your Gal enzymes mutated during your birth. Your child and you should receive this treatment at Amicus Therapeutics since your brain heart and kidneys are the organs affected by Fabry disease. We’re developing a new pill that you can take wherever called Migalastat Monotherapy at our Amicus Therapeutics labs that stabilize you and your child Alpha-GAL A enzymes.


And at Amicus Therapeutics, we’re tackling Pompe Disease that causes muscle weakness, difficulty breathing, frequent falls and hard to get upstairs because your body isn’t producing Acid Alpha Glucosidase enzymes that’s supposed to absorb glycogens, the fuel your body absorbs so you can walk, run, breathe, etc… you get from eating, and distribute throughout your body. Amicus Therapeutics is developing a new medication called ATB200/AT2221 that repairs your Alpha Glucosidase enzymes and lets your body absorb glycogens again.


If you and your child have Fabry disease, contact Amicus Therapeutics for our enzyme replacement therapy and learn about our future treatments we’re developing (