12 Amazing DIY Hacks for your School Arsenal.


This article summary is a from a great video created by beauty blogger, Wengie with the original article. Wengie starts the video off with a great big hug for all the viewers. If you’re a subscriber you’re eligible for cool giveaways like her MacBook Air giveaway. She has bonus prizes, thumbs up challenges, etc. She has a lot of cool content on her facebook and vlog channel that you should check out. Until then check out these 12 hacks:

  1. Turn Old Highlighters into Rainbow or Ombre Water Color Highlighters
  2. Personalize your Pencils and add a Level of Security to your Writing Utensils
  3. Jazz up your Old Boring Ball Point Pens
  4. Create your Own Quill using a Large Feather and a Pen
  5. Colorize your Staples and make them Pop
  6. Cute Custom USB holders
  7. 2 types of Pencil Sharpener Shavings Catcher
  8. Create Cute Heart Clips from Paper Clips
  9. Magnetic Paperclip Holder
  10. Custom Pattern Folder Divider
  11. Transform your Binder into a Super Organizer
  12. Turn your Folder into a Chalkboard

If you’re a student who hates boring school supplies then try these hacks to bring them to life today.