Orange County College Lives Up To Its Nickname Of “Giant Killer”

When one thinks of collegiate rowing the names of some of the world’s leading colleges and universities, including the English institutions of Oxford and Cambridge, and the U.S. powerhouse program at the University of Stanford; to these names the two year community college of Orange County can be added, largely because of the 11 national championships this educational institution has won over the course of a 60 year rowing program history that has seen the program become known by its nickname, “Giant Killer”.

The success that has been achieved over the course of the history of the rowing program has been created with some 10 rowers moving from the community college level at Orange Community College to become successful oarsmen at National and Olympic level. Learn more about Orange Coast College:

Current Stanford rowing coach and Oxford – Cambridge Boat Race participant, Craig Amerkhanian began his career at Orange County College and has explained his own belief the community college prepared him for life at a four year educational institution in both a sporting and academic sense. Read more: Orange Coast College | Niche

An initial batch of students only passed through the doors of Orange County College for the first time in 1948 after the two year institution was established in 1947.

Over the years, Orange Count College has achieved accreditation from a number of different groups that allow students to follow established paths taking them from this two year college to private and public colleges for four year degree courses; included in the accreditation that has been provided for Orange County College are the Western Association of Colleges and Schools, the American Dental Association, and the American Dietetic Association.

The success of Orange College as a rowing school has also led to the growth of the college in many different areas as a number of donations have brought new areas of study to the students of the college.

The donation of “Rabbit Island” off the coast of British Columbia, Canada has seen a growth in the areas of marine biology and other areas of ocean based study that will take place in association with the National Science Foundation of Canada.