A Winter Fundraiser That Will Help Homeless Animals in New York

Winter can be a difficult time of year for homeless animals in New York City. When they are not able to find shelter, many die. Even when animals are in shelters, because of a lack of space and financial resources, sometimes they are left outside. Ross Abelow wants to do something about the problem. He has set up a winter fundraiser in order to help animals in New York City. It is his goal to raise $5,000 that will be contributed to homeless animals shelters in New York City. The money will be used to increase the amount of space that is available in animal shelters and also to pay for things like medicine, food, and blankets for the vulnerable animals.

Individuals from all around the world can donate to this cause. Ross Abelow has set up a Go Fund Me account. Finding the fundraiser is very simple to do. A person just needs to goes to the Go Fund Me website and search for the name Ross Abelow. They will then find the page that not only explains more about this wonderful cause, but also explains how a person can donate money.  This is something that is urgent since these cold winter months mean that temperatures are dropping very low and many animals are suffering. Once the money has been raised, it will be donated to animal shelters in New York City.

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