How Has Stream Energy Achieved Amazing Rapid Success?

Environmental concerns like droughts, heat waves, floods, sea levels, clean energy and other related areas have the attention of Stream (Stream Energy), an energy and connected life services direct selling company based in Dallas, Texas.

Uniquely, Stream has expanded from a natural gas and electric utility in 2005, into avenues of connected life services–heretofore unheard of in the utility services industry.

To begin with, Stream Energy uses a multi-level marketing approach to grow their business (TechNewsSpy). Marketers, who Stream calls, Sales associates earn commissions from both recruiting and selling.

As associates within a geographic location present the opportunity and a level of success is achieved, the area becomes a desirable target for expansion.

Following the establishment of a potential customer base, Stream launches their business in that given area–just as they recently did in Delaware–making it the second such expansion in 2017, after Illinois which launched in September.

Remarkably, Stream Energy has expanded to eight, energy states in its short, twelve-year history ( Their connected life services are now reaching into previously unrelated areas in the utility business, and they are bundling accommodations to consumers that currently include energy, wireless, security, and protection home services.

Moreover, the company has an attractive menu of choices for customers making switches to their program. They pay up to $150 for early termination fees when a customer is making the switch to Stream, and they offer a “My Stream Account,” to help customers manage their services from wherever they happen to be.

To be exact, the growth of Stream is and has always been, aimed at the twenty-first-century and beyond. Their level of service is constantly on the move to meet consumer demand before the consumer even realizes they need it.

As a result, this approach has generated Stream more than $8 billion in their lifetime revenue and has morphed the company into a prototype with the potential to spread across the country in a relatively short time.