Securus Highlights Wrongdoings

A leading provider of criminal justice technology solutions, Securus Technologies recently made headlines for revealing the wrongdoings of Global Tel Link (GTL). According to PR Newswire’s report, Securus highlights findings about wrongdoings within the company. This is the first of series of releases that Securus will use to share wrongdoings and integrity breaches by GTL.


Rick Smith the CEO of Securus recently spoke out giving his feelings about the wrongdoings by GTL. Smith said that he is disappointed and offended that GTL could basically sink to such a level. He believes that his companies responsibility is to make money and also serve their customers. It’s clear that integrity is of high importance to Smith and Securus Technologies.

The report form Securus America highlights the following wrong doings: Global Tel employees reset the clocks in their telephones to include additional time to the length of each call, Global Tel Link also programmed telephones to rate calls on the basis of higher rates. Yet another wrongdoing was the fact thst Global Tel Link “engaged in the practice of billing a single call more than once” and “No authorization exists for such double billing.”

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There is much more on this list of wrongdoings. Securus findings in the coming weeks. For more info on this company, see Securus’ profile on