Puppies Like Beneful Too

I saw the cutest commercial about Beneful dog food. It had a puppy that was training his human in some game. It was adorable for the cuteness factor and offered the tips on how Beneful is for growing puppies. It alluded that the ingredients make a puppy grow up to be a champion. It mentioned the meat as the primary ingredient, along with brown rice and veggies.

That one reminded me of another one. It had a dog playing with his mom. He was talking about how tasty the Beneful Walmart healthy weight dog food is. He mentioned that it is even full of things that a human would eat. The dog was one of those small “yappy” dogs that are just adorable. He was kissing his mom to say thank you as the food was put into his bowl. You could tell that the dog was enjoying the taste and was definitely energetic. To know more click here.

The True Meaning of Beneful

What does Beneful mean?

Beneful is the popular brand of dog food that is a product of the Nestle Purina Petcare that also includes dog treats, wet dog food, and dry dog food. The brand became the fourth most popular dog food brand in 2012, generating over $1.5 million in annual revenue. According to the SWOT analysis done by Marketline, the brand is Nestle Purina’s most popular brand in terms of revenue. The name itself even means “full of goodness” and sounds like the word “beneficial” which means “resulting in good”.

What is the definition of the name of the dog food brand Beneful?

The main definition of the dog food brand goes beyond just its popularity and the revenue it brings in each year for Nestle Purina. The brand was originally introduced to the market in 2001 and was marketed based on good nutrition for dogs. The company has gone to great lengths to continually improve the excellence of their product, investing over $36 million in upgrading their facilities in St. Joseph, Missouri to help raise wet food production. They even introduced an excellent stay fresh packaging type of dog food called IncrediBites that features a smaller kibble size for dogs to enjoy. Click here to watch video.

The Meaning of the Name, “Beneful” and A Bit About the Brand’s History

Traditionally, the word, “beneful” means “full of goodness”. However, according to the Urban Dictonary, “beneful” has also been used as a slurred version of the word, “beneficial”.

However, today, the word “beneful” is mostly associated with the Nestle Purina dog food. In 2012, it became one of the most popular, grossing about $1.5 billion in annual revenues. It was introduced to the public market in 2001. Back then, it was considered to be the basis of dog nutrition. It contained beef pieces and resembled stew. By 2006, the brand was grossing over $300 million in annual revenue. That same year, the brand invested $36 million to make its facilities friendlier for producing wet dog food. The company now produces both dry and wet canned food as well as dog treats.

Starting in about 2010, Beneful attempting a number of unusual conditioning by association avenues. In Germany, they distributed posters containing the scent of the food meant to attract dogs. In 2011, in Austria, they released a television advertisement which included a high-pitched noise that only dogs can hear. In 2012, videogame-like billboards were released in New York, which allowed people to play mock fetch in the subway station. The dogs are designed to encourage passersby to interact with them. These same billboards have since been installed in St. Louis, Chicago, Atlanta and Los Angeles.

Beneful also holds an annual Dream Dog Park Contest. So far, this has helped to install the parks in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Alabaster Alabama, and Johns Creek, Georgia.