Rocketship Education Blazes the Way Towards New Horizons

Rocketship Education is a public charter school concept that fosters a unique partnership between students, teachers, parents, and the entire community. When all of these stakeholders focus on a common goal, it is amazing what can be accomplished. The results are startling because the core values of each project are geared towards an excellent outcome for the students.

Rocketship Education has become a vibrant part of many communities because a team effort, focused on quality outcomes wins the day. For example, Rocketship education varies in its approach to teaching. There are many people involved with community leaders, parents, teachers and staff. Instead of corralling students in a four or five-hour lecture session where the blandly sit and receive information, the learning process is much more dynamic.

The goal is not just to have students regurgitate information for tests, but to actually learn the material so that it can be of practical use. Students do have general classes, but only for limited time. These sessions are to acquaint the student body with a whole about announcements and directional issues. Most of the teaching is done in small groups where questions and interaction is the key to the success of learning. Students can also participate in projects designed for them individually.

Digital learning plays a big role in the learning process at Rocketship Education. Using familiar tools such as laptops, smartphones, and tablets, students are able to review and master facts that come with math, social studies, English and another fact-based curriculum. Students work at their own pace and accomplish more this way.

Students are taught that there are certain basic traits that will get results for them. Such traits as accountability, persistence, and empathy are important not only for school objectives, but they carry over into a student’s life after they are through with their formal education.

Rocketship Education believes that all children have potential so with the right ingredients that potential is unleashed by a cooperative effort that is fun and extremely productive. That is why the average Rocketship student has the necessary credits to graduate from high school a full year ahead of contemporary public school students.