How Sawyer Howitt Is Becoming A Successful Entrepreneur

Sawyer Howitt comes from a family of successful entrepreneurs, a tradition he plans on continuing. His father founded the company that he and Sawyer work at, Meriwether Group, which is located in Portland, Oregon, Additionally his father, David Howitt, and Sawyer’s mother founded Oregon Chai which is a very successful brand of tea that is sold throughout the Pacific Northwest and California.

Coming from such a family of entrepreneurs, Sawyer Howitt is getting his start early as he began working at Meriwether Group while just a junior in high school when he started working at the company. Between school, his free time, and working at Meriwether Group Sawyer Howitt has learned vital skills such as developing highly complex spreadsheets. He has also developed into someone that can effectively hold a presentation that is backed up by his convincing arguments and business acumen.

While building a business is in Sawyer Howitt’s DNA, he also knows that he needs additional education in order to prepare for the future. He is now a senior at Lincoln High School and is preparing to enter a university next fall. His objective is to get his degree at Columbia University which has a very well regarded Entrepreneurial Finance degree program that he is very interested in. Given his background and excellent grades, it seems very likely that he will be accepted into this program.