The Disappearance Of The Soviet Union May Be Contributing To The Collapse Of The European Union According To George Soros


The demise of the Soviet Union was a welcome international development. But the collapse of the Soviet Union removed one of the main motivations for European Union, according to financier George Soros. Mr. Soros told a German magazine that the European Union was often defined as a purely political and economic project, but security was always one of the primary objectives of the Union. When the EU was formed security was high on the list, but as NATO got stronger, security became less of an issue, according to Soros.

The New York Review of Books posted the Soros interview on their website, and what Soros said hit a nerve in everyone that read the article. Soros said the absence of an external danger like the Soviet Union gave European Union leaders the chance to focus on their national concerns. The main goal of some of the members was to limit as well as constrain the dominance that Germany displayed in Europe. Soros said that goal hasn’t been achieved and probably never will.

Since the early 1990s, European Union members have consistently pledged to develop a common security policy, but that pledge has never gained strength in the Union. The lackadaisical response by the EU to the Ukraine situation shows the group’s lack of consensus on basic security issues.

But Soros also mentioned on Bloomberg the Euro crisis, and the fact that creating the euro was a epic blunder. Political rather than economic reasons were the catalyst for the Euro’s birth, but the EU lacked the institutional and political mechanisms to make a one currency union work. The financially strong members never thought other weaker members would put themselves in a debt-ridden position and that, of course, way wishful thinking.

The potential of a European Collapse has been the topic of conversation for years, but the migration crisis has accelerated the fear of that collapse. The EU has been fragmented by the flood of asylum seeking Middle Easterners. Terrorism has destroyed human rights in some EU countries. Other countries never had human rights in the first place. There is a lack of empathy for the migrants in most EU nations. A large number of EU citizens believe the migrants are terrorists and they have banned them from crossing their borders.

There are many reasons why the European Union is doomed to failure, but Soros believes there is still time to save it. Some Europeans say it’s not worth saving the way it is structured now, and Soros thinks they have a point.