The Need For School and How Whitney Wolfe Used Her Schooling

Some people say that an education is necessary to get anywhere in life. Then there are those that say that getting a degree is not necessary. One thing they point out is that a lot of successful people have dropped out of school. The truth is that it does not hurt to get a degree. However, one thing that is important to know is that a degree is good for landing a position within a company. However, it is not necessary to start a business with a degree. Whitney Wolfe, the successful owner of Bumble has gotten her degrees.

One thing that makes the degree worth it for Whitney Wolfe is the education that she has gotten to get that degree. Whitney Wolfe has studied business and marketing at Southern Methodist University. With her studies, she has gained the necessary to build a business that works well for her. While she was in college, she has practice running different businesses. However, more than her business skills, the schools she has gone to helped her cultivate feelings of compassion. This has influenced Whitney Wolfe a lot when it comes to her business decisions. She has focused on the causes that are meaningful to her when she deals with her businesses.

She has worked to help people that are at a disadvantage. One of her latest causes that she has gotten involved with is feminism. One reason she has done this is that she has experienced the aggressive efforts used to keep her down. She is aware of the oppressive intentions of some of the people she has dealt with. Therefore, she has developed Bumble as the platform she and others can use to stand up against the oppression of women. So far, it has been an effective platform for dating as well as other activities.

About Whitney Wolfe:

Whitney Wolfe Welcome Change

When it comes to marrying well there are some entrepreneurs that know how to do it better than others. In this day and time people may say that Whitney Wolfe is one person that definitely knows how to capture the right mate.

She has managed to connect with a business tycoon that is just as successful as she is. Fans of the Bumble app entreprenuer knew that she was engaged to Michael Herd, but they still may not have expected her to have a wedding as early as she did on the Amalfi Coast in recent days.

Whitney Wolfe has become this incredible young entrepreneur that is now married. People are somewhat interested on how this will affect her perspective because her bread and butter in dating app world has been to focus on singles.

One might say that it was easier for her to connect with singles when she was a single woman herself. This definitely would make it easier for her to launch Bumble in the beginning stages. It would also give her a keen perspective on what singles wanted to see because she was actually looking and developing her app from the perspective of a single person.

Just as Whitney Wolfe could not stay single the core of her company could not stay the same as well. This is why she has been able to expand and always grow her consumer base. She is able to think outside of the box, and she has a desire to really change the way that people look at the company that she initially started.

Some people think of Bumble they would think of a dating app, but now Whitney Wolfe is expanding into other social media areas that would resemble LinkedIn and Facebook. She is planning to make her mark as a person that is interested in doing more than just dating apps.

Now that she is married she may have a better perspective on what it actually takes to branch out into other areas of social media. She has a greater focus, and this is actually going to be incredibly beneficial for all the fans that are connected with her through Bumble. These singles that have joined over a year ago will not stay single forever. Just like Whitney Wolfe they will move on, get married and explore other aspects of Bumble like Bumble Bizz and Bumble BFF.

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Fabletics Is Giving Amazon A Run For Their Money

With Amazon taking over around 20 percent of the fashion e-commerce market, it’s hard for anybody to catch a break within the industry. This is why what Fabletics is doing is completely remarkable. In just three years, Fabletics has grown to become a $250 million business. Using a subscription mechanic, Fabletics sells customers fashion from the ever-growing activewear movement. The company works off of a simple idea and gives customers a convenience factor with unbeatable fashion.


Historically speaking, quality brands have found their success simply through price and quality of their services and goods. With more and more e-commerce solutions in recent years, the consumer’s idea of a high value brand has changed. Consumers are now concerned about customer experience, brand recognition, last-mile service, and exclusive design, in addition to affordability and quality.


General Manager of Fabletics Gregg Throgmartin believes that Fabletics has built a more modern version of high value brands. The company’s membership mechanism offers customers a personalized service with affordable fashion. He credits the company’s success with knowing who their customers are and what makes them happy.


With Fabletics opening more and more physical locations all over the country, their success hasn’t slowed. While other companies are suffering through their showrooming techniques, Fabletics is killing it. Unfortunately for many, customers tend to browse offline and then buy their products for a cheaper price elsewhere. Fabletics turned that sad fact into a positive. Their membership model allows them to build relationships with their customers before they even walk in the door.


Anywhere between 30 to 50 percent of customers who walk into Fabletics’ stores are already members. Another 25 percent become members before they leave. When a member comes in to the store and tries something on, the item is added onto the member’s online shopping cart. Fabletics won’t pressure a member to buy something in store or online; they don’t care how you buy, as long as you buy.


Fabletics uses analytics and online data in order to stock their shelves properly. They use online local data about customers’ preferences in the store. Fabletics’ stores stock their shelves only with items that are most likely to appeal to customers in that area. They look at data from numerous angles, like social media sentiment and membership preferences.


While every company isn’t without its challenges, Fabletics seems to be taking each challenge in stride. The company has experienced a growth rate of 35 percent per year. This growth speaks volumes of having a great product, at affordable prices. Fabletics truly understands “new” consumers and strives to give them innovative membership programs, fast purchase options, and smart distribution.


The company has put themselves on the board by defining themselves with data science, enterprise technology, and providing an exclusive product. Opening more and more physical stores as time goes on will only add to their ever-growing, unparalleled success, with the company’s plans to have almost 100 open in the next few years.

Fabletics makes an excellent impression with customers

Fabletics is a retailer that deals in selling clothing items for women. The brand was established in 2013 by Kate Hudson. For a long time, she searched for something that would make her feel comfortable when going out for workouts and exercises. She decided to create a brand of clothing that would sell activewear clothing that is both comfortable and stylish. Kate Hudson is known to be a style icon. She has grown Fabletics through her tactful advertising techniques. She frequently takes videos through her smartphone and uploads them to different social media pages. The business model has attracted many users to Fabletics. People that buy from Fabletics have remained faithful customers through its subscriber business model.


Women that have little time for shopping can make use of the subscription business model. The clothing subscription is based on a membership business approach. When signing up, one has to fill in a survey about their style and measurements. Women that prefer measurement on the site can go to Fabletics’ offline stores. The company then makes use of these data to recommend activewear that fit women’s needs. Fabletics is an incredible company that provides ladies with clothes that give them comfort. A woman that enjoys the surprise of comfort and style should enjoy the subscription service. Women will find something special in every package they receive.


Customers that walk through Fabletics stores are usually subscribers. Those that do not subscribe learn about the subscription and its offers and quickly join. Fabletics has opened brick and mortar stores in the United States. Through these stores, the company has gained information about what truly inspires its customers. The company has run several campaigns that enable customers to stay fashionable and fit. Through the advertising methods, the company has won the hearts of shoppers that look for activewear. Many people are always flocking the company’s stores to find something new.


Fabletics has become a successful business because it focuses on reverse showrooming. Showrooming involves customers window shopping in a certain business location and purchasing in a cheaper store. However, reverse showrooming focuses on purchasing items from the internet at great discounts. Fabletics created an online business model that focused on reverse showrooming. Customers can check items and compare them through their smartphones and purchase them in brick and mortar stores. Fabletics has made maximum use of customers that shop online by offering them a membership feature. Membership comes with great discounts access to VIP products.


Kate Hudson has frequently mentioned that Fabletics is an all-inclusive brand. She means that the convenience with the line of clothing allows one to work out and run errands with the activewear. The brand thus caters for people that want to work out and later hang out with the same clothing. The company has created a big value with at leisure clothing. It has saved people a lot of money as they do not have to change clothing after exercising. Fabletics has increased its popularity immensely. The company started online and continues to open stores in offline shopping destinations.

Chris Burch Understands How Technology And Fashion Work Together

While there are many business industries that are popular and earn a lot of money, two of the most well known industries are technology and fashion. These two industries have a huge impact on society as well as providing a wide array of products and services. Many business professionals in both industries have become popular and rich from the products and services offered.


When most people think about technology, they tend to think in terms of only technology and conducting technology tasks. However, technology has become much more than tools used to complete technology related tasks. Today, technology is about style, looks, and appeal in addition to technology purpose. Technology is marketed much differently than it was a few decades ago. Now technology is looked at based on the way it appears just as much as what it can do.


In the fashion world, the way fashion looks is the game. The look, appeal, and style is what fashion is about in many people’s eyes. Fashion is about the look. The purpose of fashion is different than the purpose of clothes. Fashion is meant to meet a desire or want; clothes are primarily meant to meet a need. The fashion world is a different place with different ideas.


In recent years, the world of technology and fashion have come together in various ways. The fashion world has been using technology in core technology operations for many years. The use of technology from a business operations perspective, the fashion world utilizes technology very well. However, the fashion world is about doing things differently and doing the unexpected. One of the ways that the fashion world is doing things differently is by using technology with actual fashion designs.


Fashion companies and fashion designers use technology in various ways to accent fashion designs. The use of technology can be effective when the technology used brings a different look that has a popular technology appeal.


Chris Burch is a very successful businessman. He has developed an impressive investment portfolio that contains many successful investments. Also, he has started numerous companies and guided the companies to great success. The first company he started was in college with his brother. The company was hugely successful and became a multi million dollar company.


Chris Burch is a man who understands how business works. He understands how technology and fashion can work together to make both industries more popular. Chris Burch has started successful companies in both industries.