Sweetgreen Salad Bar’s Designs Keep Clients Coming Back

The location of any venture plays a significant role in its success. That explains why businesses are keen when selecting a location. Companies choose locations that are easily accessible and those with target market population. According to Nathan Ru, Sweetgreen makes use of the sequencing strategy to achieve success. Nathan explains that timing the store openings is a vital strategy for the firm.

The first store of Sweetgreen in New York was located at 28th and Broadway. Later on, the firm launched other stores in affluent neighborhoods of Williamsburg, Tribeca, and Nolita. Sweetgreen aims at going beyond the convenience by providing dinners, lunch and weekends.


The design of Sweetgreen

When you walk into a Sweetgreen, you feel like you are visiting an Apple store. According to Ru, their service design ensures that they offer customized and consistent services to all their clients. The first thing customers see after getting into the restaurant is the open kitchen. They prepare meals each morning from fresh produce. Sweetgreen believes that it is important for the customers to see rather than just hear from the company.


The source of Sweetgreen’s food

According to Nathan, sweetgreen first meets farmers in a new location before even meeting the landlord. The aim of this strategy is to find out if the company can come up with a supply chain before opening many stores. Sweetgreen asks from farmers what they can offer, rather than request a particular crop.

Nathan and his friends went to the Salinas Valley in Northern California about one and half years ago. They met a farmer who has a plot of broccoli. Broccoli grows just like wintergreen or a kale even if people associate it with crowns or florets. According to that farmer, most people do not eat the leaves of broccoli after a crown has grown. Sweetgreen signed a contract for the broccoli greens with the farmer. Clearly, there is more you can eat besides kales.


About Nathaniel Ru

Nathaniel Ru is the co-founder and the chief executive of Sweetgreen. Ru has also invested in other four companies. Ru lives in New York. The leadership of Ru has been influential in their growth of Sweetgreen. The firm has stores in various locations, and it ensures accuracy during an ordering process which takes about three minutes.

Sweetgreen aims at encouraging people to take healthy food. You can still consume healthy fast food. At Sweetgreen, there is more to lunch than burritos and burgers. Go the healthier way with healthy meals.