Bankers Anil Chaturvedi Positions

Anil Chaturvedi was born and brought up in India. He is an internationally recognized banker. He started his career as a seasonal Indian banker. Anil has an incredible experience in the banking industry. He has more than forty years’ experience. This is an implication that he has extensive information towards banking that gives him a great understanding of this field. In addition to his knowledge, Anil Chaturvedi has excellent exposure and experience in private and commercial banking as well as investment banking. The other prolific aspect of Anil is that he has an outstanding reputation in his career on the banking issues.



He has a Bachelor’s degree in Economics that he attained in Chaudhary Charan Singh University. He also has an MBA in Marketing and Finance that he achieved in Delhi University. This educational background offers him a strong foundation in his banking career. Despite that financial industry faces various challenges and hardships, Anil Chaturvedi believes that success can be achieved through two qualities, patience, and persistence. Anil has an incredibly strong will at heart that helps him to overcome these challenges and maneuver a victor in this industry. He barely finds these challenges as limitation towards his business pursuit. He has had a tough journey in his career, but his educational background paved him a way to various opportunities in the corporate world. Anil Chaturvedi has managed to serve in senior ranks in various financial institutions and organizations. He has been able to serve in multiple prestigious financial firms in different geographical regions all around the world. He has managed to achieve this following his endeavors towards actualizing his great passion for banking investment.


Anil has been able to hold various high positions in his career such as the Indian State Bank Branch Manager. It was during the era of his service that this bank experienced a continuous and progressive success as the manager of marketing and planning. Through his incredible success, he attained the title Man of the Year while he was in Indian State Bank. Anil Chaturvedi has also served in New York at Grindlays Bank where he served as the VP and the Managing Director of operations. He has also worked as the Country Head of North American. This was after his service in Indian State Bank.

Graeme Holm Helps Clients Manage Their Debt

Graeme Holm is a man with a mission to help clients in Australia seeking financial advice. His previous ventures encompass all areas of the financial sector including real estate and financial planning. That has totaled over 17 years of experience to date, and during that time is when he became inspired to create Infinity Group Australia. His company would cut better loan deals with its clients than the popular competitors. The website Release Fact recently published an article about why cash should be a consumers preference and help with debt.


Starting from the top, credit cards are just simple to pull out and swipe. While using cash adds to a psychological barrier of what exactly you are giving away for a product. Cash also makes it easier to track your overall spending, as a consumer is always aware of how much money they have in the wallet. Next, using cash makes it unlikely a consumer will make a huge purchase. That provides an opportunity to re-think the decision, and possibly just save up for the item.


Naturally, the benefits of cash go far below the surface of what we do day-to-day. Credit Cards are by nature a resource to spend money the consumer does not have. There is no guarantee a consumer will be able to pay everything back on time, or even might simply snowball their spending out of control. Cards also often have fees, which can easily be avoided with physical cash. Infinity Group Australia has a proven track record of encouraging consumers to use cash and that has been a successful strategy for many clients.


The difference cash and a credit card boils down to the consumers’s knowledge. Cash is simple to use and makes a person aware of the finite amount in their wallet. Credit Cards are an unlimited invisible fund, that a person will have to pay back sooner or later. Regardless of the method, only a consumer who knows how to handle credit card debit and have the ability to pay it off should consider it. Cash is more efficient in the long term. Infinity Group Australia has helped countless clients get back on track with their debt over the years.

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