The growth of Goettl Air Conditioning over the years

According to BizJournals Goettl, Air Conditioning announced that it had acquired the family-owned HVAC firm, Walton’s Heating and Air. The business is based out of southern California. The financial details of this deal were not disclosed. This arrangement allows Goettl to solidify their presence in California. The company is already located in Phoenix, Las Vegas, and Tucson. The deal will also enable Walton to grow past what the owner could do by themselves. Initially, Goettl had shown interest to acquire the business, but the owner, Longbrake was hesitant at first. However, he heard encouraging comments from the industry of HVAC, and Ken Goodrich, the owner, he then chose to give it a try.

The deal was finalized in 2015, and Longbrake claims that this has made the two companies grow ten times more. Longbrake is working for Goettl as a sales manager and field supervisor. The two companies took two years to announce the deal that they had already finalized. They claim it was due to the operational issues within Walton’s and the complications of marketing. They wanted to have everything in place before they could give it the Goettl badge. After the acquisition, the firm now has a total of 306 employees. They are also hoping to create an addition of 200 other jobs in Phoenix and Tucson. They claim to want to make Goettl a national brand.

Goettl Air Conditioning is an HVAC services company. The company offers their services through Phoenix, Las Vegas, Tucson, and the southern areas of California. The company began in the year 1939. It began when Gust and Adam Goettl developed the first evaporative cooler and refrigerated unit in Phoenix. They did this in an attempt to deal with the harsh desert temperatures. It can offer a range of services from full range maintenance, repair, and the services of replacement. The primary focus of the company is to provide the right environmental solutions. They try to match the homes of their clients with the suitable air conditioner.

Ken Goodrich, the owner of Goettl Air Conditioning, has been buying and fixing broken businesses. When he was buying the firm in 2013, he had already done that about 15 times. The originally family owned business had already changed ownership severally over the years. When he bought the company, Goodrich saw the signs of a business that needed rescue. It did not make profits, and there was poor morale. Ken focused on building the morale within the company. He then worked to ensure the culture of the business was rebuilt on a positive cornerstone. After the change of the ownership, the business has grown more than 500 times.