Soros Working To Rally New Voters To Presidential Race


George Soros is at it yet again. In an article published by the New York Times Soros and a number of other liberal billionaires intend to rally the vote in November and the caucuses by bringing more than 400,000 Latinos and immigrants to the polls. Once again Soros is not really thinking about the repercussions of this actions. In past political endeavors he has flubbed and firmly placed his foot in his mouth and it seems yet again he is about to do the same thing now.

As a former immigrant himself Soros seems more concerned with that status rather than with the political rules and regulations. He had to flee his home country because of Nazi occupation, and now feels the torch for helping immigrants as his sole responsibility. Soros was fortunate enough to flee to England where he could get a solid education that he could eventually translate to self made billions in the States.

The issue that Soros and his Liberal buddies forget is that not every immigrant has the best concerns for their new country as he did. The 15 million dollars that is expected to flood efforts in areas like Nevada, Florida and Texas will be one of the biggest efforts launched to date focusing on a specific demographic.

The areas affected are ones in which it is felt will make a huge difference in the Presidential elections this fall. These areas have a large number of both Asian and Latino populations who are largely forgotten by the parties and the candidates.

Soros and friends feel that these are the target audiences that will help to keep the Democratic party in charge of the White House. The Latino population in particular has been very discouraged with politics after numerous promises from Obama have fallen through. He promised to reform immigration and instead has been the key in the deportation of millions of immigrants.

This includes offering a voice to those who have been neglected or forgotten by their governments. He has made no effort to hide his disdain for the Republican party and the candidates they are offering for the office of President.

The key to success in rallying these peoples will be to pour the money into already existing organizations. It is felt that trying to develop a new organization to rally the Asian and Latino vote will not be as effective in reaching them. Existing organizations already have the reach and demographics to get the excitement in getting a better vision in the White House than already exists.