Background information

Michael Nierenberg at the age of 55, is the chairman of the board, President and the Chief Executive Officer of New Residential Investment. This is a corporation that deals with the investment and management of mortgage assets and currently has a net worth estimated to at least 16.6 million dollars. Michael is also the Managing Director at Fortress.

Prior to working in New Residential Investment, Michael Nierenberg held a senior position at Bank of America Merrill Lynch where joined in 2008 and was tasked with all the transpiring trading and sales activities. This was not a dynamic switch from his job at JP Morgan where he was head of Global Securitized Products.

Investment Management

New Residential Investment Corp being a public estate investment trust traded on the New York Stock Exchange majorly operates through servicing and originations. It also works through residential securities and loans and thus experiences some challenges with interest fluctuations which may be brought up by factors likes tax considerations and the various rates of inflation to combat these fluctuations and take advantage of them to bring about investment opportunities.

New Residential Investment, spearheaded by Michael Nierenberg, has set up certain strategies like specializing in assets such as excess mortgage servicing rights (MSRs) which unlike other fixed rate debt instruments, appreciates in value when rates increase. Another added strategy is the acquisition of companies that have in-depth control over mortgage servicing and loan origination decisions.

Michael Nierenberg delving into service advances

The frequent cases of payments delayed or missed by homeowners are inevitable, and this is where service advances come in handy as they are the loans extended by residential mortgage servicers as liquidity in case of any defaulted mortgages.

New Residential investment in a bid to become waterproof requires service advances to be repaid first and hence puts them at a higher credit quality. The corporation, however, hopes that the delayed and missed scheduled payments will decrease paving an opportunity to use these advances to put up some investments in servicing assets that will be able to generate alluring yields.

Lincolnshire Management Success in Business through Sustainable Investment

Lincolnshire Management Incorporation announced the sale of Holley Performance Products to an affiliate of Sentinel Capital Partners. Holley has been merged with Driven Performance Brands. Holey began in 1903 and is the biggest designer and marketer of branded products in the automotive market. The company has over a century in product know-how and performance prowess. Holley is synonymous with American car performance culture. The company has built an additional stable of top industry brands such as MSD, Hooker, ACCEL, and Earls. Holley market is characterized by people who are lifestyle oriented. The mission of the company is to increase the value and joy of car lovers. This is meant to help them grow their automotive functions.

Lincolnshire Management has demonstrated knowledge of the market segment and products from when Holley began. Lincolnshire management was founded in 1986. It is a private equity firm concentrating on the investments and acquisition of thriving middle market companies in various industries. Lincolnshire Management head offices are in New York City. It operates in recapitalizations, buyouts, and acquisitions. The company is in charge of over $1.7 billion of private equity capital.

Lincolnshire has been listed in the top quartile of private equity funds. The company boasts of eighty-five acquisitions under its belt in the last two years. Lincolnshire Management has tripled its fund with the sale of Holley. Lincolnshire Management is committed to upholding the highest standards of corporate governance and environmental, social and governance ethics. Since the company’s first fund the company has dedicated itself to responsible investing. They invest in companies that stand for environmental sustainability. Lincolnshire Management believes that when executed pragmatically and strategically, responsible investing is a win-win situation. Their results have confirmed that to be true.

Lincolnshire has adopted the United Nations Principles for responsible investing. Sustainable investment is a key factor in every stage of investing. It is vital in diligence, investment, holding and exiting. Responsible investing has helped Lincolnshire Management grow its investment portfolio. This great financial impact makes them sell an improved company to the next owner. Lincolnshire management continues to shine through responsible and sustainable business practices.

See more about Lincolnshire in this article https://www.owler.com/company/lincolnshiremgmt.

Madison Street Capital shines again at the M&A Turnaround Awards

The 13th edition of the Annual Turnaround Awards by M&A Advisor was held on New Year’s Eve. This award’s ceremony organized by M&A Advisor is meant to recognize and celebrate the biggest achievements by firms in the larger mergers and acquisition sector. In this edition of the award’s ceremony, the Chicago based international investment banking firm, Madison Street Capital emerged the winner of the M&A Deal of the Year Award. This particular award is meant to recognize the firm that closed the best deal in the entire year. For the international investment banking firm, winning this award was quite a big deal.


Closing the deal of the year


The one particular deal that helped Madison Street Capital take this award home was the taking private of RMG Networks by Sachs Capital Group. The Chicago based investment banking firm was instrumental in the success of this deal. This firm was the exclusive advisor to Sachs Capital Group in this take-private deal. There were also other notable firms involved in this deal which made this investment banking firm’s advisory role very vital to its success. These other firms are Merion Investment Partners whose main role in this deal was debt financing and Virgo Capital who were investment partners of Sachs Capital Group.


The Turnaround Awards


The Turnaround Awards have been running for 13 years straight, and each year they keep getting better. In this edition of the awards, there were a record-breaking total of 275 participating companies drawn from all over the world. These companies competed for the top spot in different categories. These categories include Deal of the Year which Madison Street Capital won, Product/Service of the Year, Professional of the Year, Firm of the Year, Refinancing of the Year, Restructuring of the Year, and Transaction of the Year. The Founder of M&A Advisor, Roger Aguinaldo said that he is looking forward for this award getting bigger and better.


Madison Street Capital reputation


This international investment banking firm offers an array of services to its private and publicly held corporate clients. Among these services are financial opinions, corporate financial advisory, and mergers and acquisitions expertise. Madison Street Capital has prospered largely as a result of offering quality services to its clients who come from all over the world. Recently, the company has been focusing on expanding its services to emerging markets around the globe.


Visit http://madisonstreetcapital.org/ to learn more.

Wes Edens: Chairman OF Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group entered the history books in 2007 up-and-coming the analysis of America’s first private equity investment firm be publicly traded on an open market. This staggering moment in history would not have been possible without the leadership staff behind Fortress Investment Group. The company was originally founded in 1998 with the help of five principal founding members. These five members included Wes Edens and Peter Bridger. Wes Edens is an American businessman and private equity investor as well as a prominent owner of several sports teams. He currently owns a team that is a member of the national passable Association which is known as the Milwaukee Bucks. This team is based out of Milwaukee Wisconsin. He also owns an electronic video game sports team that plays the video game league of legends. This team is known as FlyQuest.

While Wes Edens has a long and extensive history, he initially received a bachelors of science degree from Oregon State University in 1984. He graduated with a degree in both finance and business administration. After receiving his formal education, he went on to begin his career in the finance industry by working for Lehman Brothers. At Lehman Brothers firm he served as a managing director until the year 1993. In 1993 Jesus corporations and began to work at Blackrock asset investors. He worked at this company until 1997 as a partner and managing director for the investment firm. In the following year, he departed from the company and launched his own startup business along with the help of four other members. The investment style that he used in the launching of this company has been detailed by numerous publications.

It has been styled as being an investment process that is based upon betting against the odds and creative financing. Through his use of lucrative investments, he has managed to help build numerous businesses and had a hand in helping Fortress Investment Group become the first publicly traded private equity firm in the spring of 2007. On February 9, 2007, Fortress Investment Group went public with its initial public offering. During its IPO 8% of the company was sold to the public for a total sum of $600 million. Since then the company has experienced explosive growth and in 2017 was purchased by Japanese technology giant Softbank group. This buyout created an immediate increase in valuation of the Corporation by $140 million due to a $2.25 premium paid on the company’s stock price during the buyout.

Jeffry Schneider Sheds Light On How People Should Keep Their New Year’s Resolutions

jeffry schneider smile

Jeffry Schneider is an Austin, Texas-based entrepreneur. Recently, he wrote about the need to have resolutions and work on achieving the set goals. The following are Jeffry’s tips for keeping your new year’s resolutions.

I.Be realistic

Jeffry contends that you should make practical resolutions that will motivate you towards achieving the goals. For instance, when planning to lose weight, it is reasonable to lose 1-2 lbs in 6 weeks rather 60 lbs.

II.Break it down

Breaking down your long-term resolutions into small bits makes you celebrate small milestones and encourages you to press on.

III.Don’t go overboard

Jeffry advises people to take one-step at a time to avoid being overwhelmed and overloaded.

IV.Start a diary

Emotional changes push us into bad habits, which may affect our mission towards achieving our goals. Jeffry asserts that it is prudent to keep records of your feelings, as they will help you identify certain triggers and learn how to manage them.

V.Be simple

For goals like health and fitness, make the steps simple and easy to repeat over and over again.

VI.Tell people

Letting people know your goals will motivate you to stick to your goals and work hard to achieve them in order to avoid embarrassment.

VII.Find a friend

Jeffry says that finding someone with common goals will help you gain extra bit of support and improve your chances of succeeding.

VIII.Embrace setbacks

Jeffry says that setbacks are natural. This way, it is healthy to accept that they are part of the learning process.

IX.Treat yourself

Rewarding yourself serves as a great incentive, which helps you to create new healthy habits that are ingrained in your system. This information was originally reported on Slide share as provided in this link http://www.slideshare.net/JeffrySchneider1

About Jeffry Schneider

Jeffry Schneider is the founder of Ascendant Capital LLC, a company that raises funds for developed and upcoming alternative asset fund sponsors. Ascendant Capital incorporates marketing, sales and operational services, education and innovative financial structures to raise funds. They then distribute the funds across the globe through broker-dealers, family offices, registered investment advisors, and private banks. Under the leadership of Jeffry, the company has grown rapidly. They have raised almost $1 billion for several managers. This capital has been used to acquire auto dealership, real estates, and tech companies. Riding on the wave of their success, the company is determined to raise $50 million monthly.

Prior to founding Ascendant Capital, Jeffry was worked for Paradigm Global Advisors and Axiom Capital Management. He also rendered his services for Alex Brown, Merrill Lynch, and Smith Barney. He is interested in health and fitness. Jeffrey has participated in activities like iron man, marathon, and half ironman. He loves to explore the world and contributing to charitable initiatives. Jeffrey Schneider is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts.