Victoria Doramus : She can do it all

Victoria Doramus is one of the marketing industries most sought out experts. Her skills in finding trending patterns, creative solutions to problems and plethora of experience within the fashion and design lifestyle is what makes her a respected professional of the industry.

Her focus throughout her career has been mainly in the media sector, with a focus on market analysis, copy creations and many other areas of the communication field. Through her time working in these areas, Victoria has been able to not only improve her existing skills but also learn other critical skills of the industry such as budgetary marketing, networking and research analysis.

In the year 2007, Victoria would join the Creative Artists Agency group as a group coordinator. During her time at the agency, Victoria would go on to write a couple of highly acclaimed articles for the Trend Central and The Cassandra Report with a specific focus on trend analysis.

After her time with Creative Artista Agency, Victoria would take a position working now for Trendera. During her time at Trendera Victoria would construct an impress network group as well as acquiring new business partners for the company. Most notable, however, is her involvement in growing the companies brand through social media and also internal projects.

In the years to come, Victoria Doramus would go on to write for more magazines across the country. Her life, however, would take an exciting turn for the good as she would obtain an assistant position with film director Peter Berg. Her duties as his assistant would be to manage the directors New York City real estate and help build close relationships with developers from both New York and Los Angeles. Today Victoria Doramus continues to write, but now she has found a home with the highly revered Huffington Post publication where she has written many articles including “Jane Buckingham, Decades: A Century of Fashion and What’s Next: The Experts Guide”.

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