Men Might Have an Easier Time of Weight Loss

Many couples who live together have noticed a common and often frustrating experience when working out. Men often seem to lose weight far faster than their female workout partners. A perfect example is the before and after picture Next Level Lacrosse Camp posted of Jon Urbana at About Me. There’s been quite a few different explanations for it over the years. Some people put it down to the fuzziness of anecdote. Others maintain that it might simply have more to do with greater overall muscle mass on the average man compared to the average woman.

A new study has found a specific chemical which might be responsible for the different rate of weight loss in men and women. The study focused on the brains of male and female mice in hopes of finding some clues to the gender differences in humans.

The researchers discovered that male and female mice use a chemical called POMC peptides in very different ways. POMC regulates quite a few different things related to weight. It helps regulate appetite, physical activity, and general metabolism. Basically it helps the body know how much physical activity to get, and how many calories to keep burning in order to do so.

The researchers discovered that the appetite and physical exertion of male mice would change in relation to altered POMC levels. However, only the appetite of female mice was affected by the change. This suggests that female mice, and by extension women, are resistant to changes which would decrease their weight.