Market America Unfranchise: Improving Lives

Market America Unfranchise is a company founded in 1992 in North Carolina. It markets and distributes products from different manufacturers all over the world. Individuals private businesses can get in on the action and share in the firm’s profits. People simply have to sign up on the company’s website and only start marketing the numerous products offered. The firm has a broad range of products ranging from cosmetics to household products, auto care, jewelry among others.

Individuals who participate in the company’s Unfranchise business model enjoy similar services as owning a franchise enterprise. Start of the art management systems, marketing and merchandising tools, systematization and frequent training programs. However, Market America Unfranchise has neither franchise fees nor monthly fees. This aspect helps individuals with minimal start-up capital to join in the highly profitable business and make money from the comfort of their homes. People can earn anything between 30 to 50 percent of the gross profits generate from servicing 10 to 15 customers. Few to no companies anywhere in the world offer such handsome commissions, and this sets Market America Unfranchise apart in the industry.

With over 600 employees in the many branches the company has, they have partnered with close to 3000 stores all over the world. These partnerships ensure consistent, timely and efficient delivery of products. In the two decades of its existence, Market America Unfranchise has generated over 5.5 billion dollars in retail sales and paid close to 3 billion dollars in commissions and retail profits.
Powered by Microsoft, The company’s website provides live chat assistance to its partner franchise holders. This client provides customer reviews and one on one marketing of products which boosts sales and helps in personalized care of each customer. Market America Unfranchise has over 3 million preferred clients and close to 200,000 distributors worldwide.

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