Alex Pall Shares Insider Details About The Chainsmokers

Alex Pall was recently interviewed after releasing the song “Closer” which features Halsey. Pall spoke about working with Halsey, calling her incredible. Halsey was number one on their list of artists that The Chainsmokers desperately wanted to work with, so finally being able to do so was awesome for them. She was so high on the list because of who she is. She’s unique and has a very strong voice, but beyond that Pall calls her “un-apologetically her” which is just the kind of artist that The Chainsmokers like to work with.

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Closer was their first song that featured one of the duo singing on their own tracks instead of just featuring other artists. This was a big step in the right direction for The Chainsmokers, and also a huge step in finding their own identity as music artists. The song was completely written by Andrew Taggart and one of their friends while they were touring as well.


Since forming, their audience has expanded quite a bit, making their identity even harder to pin down. They originally were just a DJ duo for college kids, but now their audience has people over 30 and under 15 in it, which means on their tours, they now have to actually think about their shows. Pall doesn’t want to just put on a set list and blast it for the audience like they used to do, he wants to actually perform these awesome songs for the people.


With that in mind, the duo have been changing the way their live shows work. There has always been some performance element to their shows, but now that Taggart is singing on their tracks, it is going to be different. They’re currently putting on a festival type show, with a lot of production, short acts, and their DJing. Their first show at Red Rocks sold out 7 months in advance, proving that they are definitely moving in the right direction with their showmanship. Unlike other DJs now a days, The Chainsmokers have always performed their songs live, the singing just adds a new element to that.

For a highly skilled, music technician like Clay Hutson, rock music, and live performances are his love and an important part of his business niche.

For a skillful person like Clay Hutson, music, rock music acts, and live performances are an important part of the work life that he truly loves. Clay Hutson’s technical skill set and mastery is in high demand for making sure that the rock music concerts he is part of are a complete success.


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Clay Hutson has many technical strengths that have kept him in plenty of work. They include event planning, technical automation, sound engineering, and event coordination. Hutson enjoys working on live music tours that involve live, rock music solo acts and music groups. And being able to multitask and coordinate many different elements involved in these concerts is a key part of making sure that everything goes smoothly.


It is Hutson’s role to make sure that the artists, who are entertaining in front of an audience, have no technical problems that could derail the performance. Hutson’s niche involves the genre of rock music. Recently, Hutson was quoted in an entertainment-style publication involving the work he had been doing, working as an automaton operator for OneRepublic’s Honda Civic Tour Production.


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