Fox News Tries To Sway The Poorly Educated, But Thor Halvorssen Stops Them In Interview

During a recent victory speech, Donald Trump proclaimed that he loved the poorly educated. Sadly, it seems that his proclamation is a comment on the American electorate as a whole. It is no more evident than in the Bernie Sanders campaign. The Vermont Senator running as a Democrat for the president of United States is a self-avowed democratic socialist. There’s a lot of confusion as to what this means and the older generation has a negative connotation of socialism that lingers from the Cold War. In the Fox News network was trying to take advantage of the ignorance involving socialism in a recent interview-turned-viral-video with Human Rights Foundation founder Thor Halvorssen.


It’s pretty easy to see that Fox News is trying to perpetuate the idea that socialism is inherently evil. If the network can do that, then it would be easy to take Bernie Sanders down in a general election against the Republicans. And they get right to work in the slanted interview.


She then tries to tie the word socialism to the word evil, asking the founder of the Human Rights Foundation why socialism is a violation of basic human rights. Thor seems a bit stunned, but that only lasts a moment. He calmly starts explaining that socialism is just a form of government that can be used to promote harmony and equality or can be used to violate basic human rights. It is not inherently evil. The hostess doesn’t buy it and asks him to define socialism. He asks her which kind of socialism she would like him to define, but she does not want to get too much into detail.
It then becomes clear that Thor Halvorssen sees what they’re trying to do and turns interview around in support of Bernie Sanders and his agenda. The bewildered hostess wraps of the interview quickly but not before Thor Halvorssen turns the interview into a viral video that supports the very thing the network was trying to bash.