Norka Martinez Luque – Inspiring Others Through Her Heart-Touching Songs

For most singers, the sole objective of their professional career is to gain as much fame as possible. However, for Norka Martinez Luque, the objective is to spread the message of hope as far as possible. The young and inspiring singer of Venezuelan origin has become a sensation across Hispanic communities. In fact, her songs are inspiration for young generation because they provide a message of hope and love.


Norka feels that she was lucky because her family not only discovered the singer in her, but they also supported Norka from her childhood. Besides getting education, Norka enrolled in classes to learn piano and dance. Even when the family moved to France to pursue career opportunities for Norka, she continued her education by getting a degree in business administration. In fact, she also studied diverse subjects such as marketing, fashion and culinary arts.


While in France, Norka started to sing for a local band. Her enthusiasm and constant exposure allowed Emilio Estefan Jr. to locate her talent. According to Norka, Emilio is instrumental in her development from a good singer to exceptional singer because he understands what Norka wants to achieve. Accordingly, Norka always wanted to compose songs that would spread the message of hope and love. Therefore when Emilio helped Norka compose the song “MILARGO“, it had all the qualities that Norka wanted. In fact, composition from such famous artists including Hermanos Gaitán, Archie Pena and Luigi Giraldo made it sublime. The mixture of Caribbean sounds, reggae and Mediterranean traces also provided the soothing yet energetic theme that Norka desired. After its launch, MILARGO has become a favorite among Latin Music Billboards. It is a hit in several countries that has large Hispanic communities including United States, Venezuela and Puerto Rico.


For most people, they continue to struggle throughout their lives. It is one of the reasons why Norka wanted to give hope to people who are still struggling with their lives. She wants them to let them know that life is beautiful even without the fame, therefore they should not lose hope. For Norka, music is the perfect medium to deliver the message of love and hope because it has the power to touch emotions and human spirit.

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