A Review of Matthew Autterson’s Corporate and Philanthropic Endeavors

Colorado based businessman Autterson has carved a niche for himself in the corporate world by being the brains behind a string of highly successful ventures in the money markets. The serial entrepreneur worked in the financial services industry for more than 25 years. This has given him first-hand experience and knowledge of what needs to be done to guarantee the success of business ventures. As a corporate executive, he headed one of the most successful state-chartered financial institutions in the world.

Education Background

Mathew holds a finance degree from Michigan University. He has also undertaken various short courses on matters pertaining to financial and tax management. His career started at a subsidiary of Fiserv known as Trust Corporation. Here, he distinguished himself as visionary and insightful financial experts. This saw him handle high-level projects, which helped sharpen his financial acumen. He left the firm in and joined Resource Trust Company where he was appointed Chief Executive Officer.

At the moment, Mathew is a board member, chief executive officer, and president of CNS Bioscience Inc. He co-founded the company in 2013 with Scott Falci. This is a clinical-stage pharmaceutical company that focuses on production of cheap drugs for curing neuropathic pain. Mathew endeavors to use his expertise in wealth management and wealth management consulting to offer CNS pragmatic advice on how it can navigate the competitive industry.

Throughout his 25-year financial services career, Mr. Matthew Autterson has been dedicated to advising his clients on matters related to wealth creation and management. He offers advice pertaining to how clients can realize their financial goals through shrewd investments that guarantee healthy returns. He also advises on how better financial portfolios can be created even with meager resources. Besides advising individual clients, he has widely been consulted by leading corporations such as Royal Alliance and American Express.

Philanthropic Duties

Mr. Autterson is among the most respected members of the Colorado humanitarian community. He actively participates in initiatives that seek to improve access to healthcare, education, and financial opportunities in Colorado and beyond. Mathew is a member of the Falci Adaptive Biosystems Board, which aims to promote environmental conservation through the use of biodegradable products.

Mathew is similarly a member of Webb-Waring Foundation’s board of directors and the Denver Zoological Society. He is also the chairman of the board of trustees at Denver Hospice. He mainly participates in philanthropy through his board memberships. His interest in serving the community has seen him recognized among the most influential entrepreneurs in Denver.