The Return of George Soros could be bad news for Trump’s run at office

It doesn’t take much to become a sworn enemy of hardcore conservatives. However, to become one of the figures that conservatives truly fear requires resources and a passion to defeat Republican candidates that cannot be quenched. With these qualifications in mind, it is easy to understand why there aren’t many of these types of folks in existence. George Soros on, however, has managed to become the person that conservatives are wary of more than any other. The man holds no political office, but he has considerable political sway that simply cannot be ignored

Soros, who is no stranger to providing money to the Democrat Party, considerably lowered his financial donations in recent years. That has all changed recently. George Soros has already committed to giving at least $25 million to give a political edge to Hillary Clinton and other Democrats that are up for election soon.

Soros was born in Hungary, but now resides in New York. Over the years he has been a staunch supporter of political hopefuls on the Left. When he is not involved in funding election efforts for his favorite candidates, the billionaire spends time staying on top of current economic trends. After some time off, George Soros recently returned to active trading; presumably to add to his considerable coffers for even more political funding that may be needed in the near future.

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Social media has been a political battleground lately. As such, people are seeing their friends and co-workers posting politically-heated content on the most popular social media sites. Articles and videos about George Soros’ political funding actions have been the focus of a lot of these recent social media posts. People who are fervently Republican are obviously concerned about Soros stepping up to the plate with such large political contributions. People who are champions of the Democrats, however, are overjoyed that he is a major backer of the candidate that they want to see become our next President. Folks from both sides have not been shy about sharing their points of view via social media shares to all their online friends and followers.

Trump supporters were obviously hoping that Soros would sit this election out. It is understandable why so many are up in arms after hearing about how the business mogul has upped the ante with regards to political donations. While it will take more than $25 million to get any side’s candidate into the Oval Office, the money that Soros has committed to helping with getting his preferred candidate into the White House is going to go a long way. Visit Project Syndicate to learn more about George.

George Soros seems to consider Trump (and most other Republican candidates, for that matter) to be a thorn in his side. He has made no secret about how he feels about the Republican presidential candidate; even writing that if this country is serious about fighting terrorism that they must not vote for the flamboyant New York tycoon and TV personality. This election season is going to be like nothing we have ever seen. It will be interesting to see how the recent return of George Soros (not to mention the money he is giving Democrat candidates) factors into how the upcoming elections pan out.