CCMP Capital: CEO Stephen Murray, A Leadership Untainted!

Global business expansion capital and buyout consultancy, recently lost a strong leader, Stephen Murray CCMP Capital. The former chief executive and president played an active role in the firm’s everyday operation. CCMP embraces a culture grounded in the heritage of its three key organizations: Chemical Ventures, Chase Capital, and Manufacturers Hanover Capital/JP Morgan Partners. It has operations throughout Europe and North America. It’s been rebranded several times throughout the history of its operation.

Another rebranding followed in 1996 after the newly restructured Chemical Venture Partners acquired Chase Manhattan Bank. It took on the new trademark Chase Capital Partners while the J.P. Morgan franchise became JPMorgan Partners. As it expanded, integrating an eclectic private equity group of companies; CCMP Capital embarked on vital business development efforts. The sale of Medpace returned $900 million to CCMP in 2014 following a successful transaction with the winning bidder Cinven. The pharmaceutical research giant is among the industry’s strongest performers of the segment despite CCMP Capital decision to sell.

Former CCMP Capital president and CEO, Stephen Murray died last year Spring. “The entire CCMP family mourns his untimely passing,” a source informed media outlets. Surely, this unexpected reality is regrettably heartbreaking, but CCMP remains committed to excellence. The top-grossing private equity heavyweight promises to extend first-class stewardship as Stephen Murray did. He’s been with the firm since inception and became a founding partner in 2006 following the JPMorgan spinout. When away from hectic CCMP executive duties, Murray often indulges himself with planned philanthropic activities. Among organizations he, supports are the local Lower-Fairfield County Food Bank, Boston College, the Make-a-Wish Foundation, Stamford Museum and other collective groups. What’s more, New York-Metro Make-a-Wish Foundation inducted him as an associate and he’s been committed to the cause ever since. A Boston College grade of economics, he holds a comprehensive degree in the said specialization. Additionally, Murray studied business administration and earned a Master’s after completing a CBS (Columbia Business School) program.

As of August 2006, CCMP has traded independently while operating as an oversight for the rebranded J.P. Morgan group.  Middle-market to large corporations depend heavily on CCMP Capital expertise for sensible investment advice. It caters to investors dealing with financial services, media/telecommunications, retail/consumer solutions, energy, industrial and healthcare. Today, the billion-dollar-grossing company, CCMP operates regional offices based in Tokyo, New York Post, Hong Kong and London. The consultancy has a reputation for selecting the industry’s strongest investors. Former CEO Stephen Murray demonstrated this quality with credence. The CCMP family described him as a charismatic, dynamic executive with impeccable leadership skills.