Securus Technologies Uses Resources to Highlight Integrity Breaches

Securus Technologies is a leading company that provides both civil and criminal justice technology solutions. This company specializes in assisting with public safety, investigations, corrections and monitoring. The firm recently released a number of reports that contained facts and findings which highlighted integrity breaches by the inmate communications provider known as Global Tel Link. As a result Securus will begin publishing all of the wrongdoings and integrity breaches committed by Global Tel Link very soon. The chief executive officer of Securus Technologies recently said that he is very fond of the industry due to its active participation in serving law enforcement, corrections, inmates, friends, family and society in general. He also said that the mission of his company is to serve all of its customers the right way by focusing on their best interests.

Now Securus will begin reviewing multiple issues regarding any systematic wrongdoing by Global Tel Link. They will do this in the form of press releases over a span of six months during the rest of the year. This will be done to help convince Global Tel Link to operate with better integrity and not compromise proper assistance in communications. Securus will begin the process by putting together a 17 page order with the Louisiana Public Service Commission. It will talk about the actions of Global Tel Link when the company served the Louisiana Department of Corrections by providing telecommunications services to many inmates who were incarcerated at the various prisons in the state.

The Louisiana PSC investigated Global Tel Link and found a number of things which were quite significant. According to the investigation, Global Tel Link programmed clocks in their phones at the prisons which added an additional 15 to 36 seconds which was unauthorized and illegal. It also found out that Global Tel Link programmed its phones to rate calls at higher rates than those permitted. With the investigation, it was also found out that Global Tel Link would artificially charge customers with additional amounts of money to calls after they were rated. Therefore these violations have been exposed and hopefully Global Tel Link will be able to improve their operations by complying with the regulations of the telecommunications industry.