The Stem Cell Therapy, the Product of Lung Institute

The quality of life of the patients suffering from the chronic diseases can be compromised. A small undertaking such as getting the mail from the mailbox can be a daunting task. Therefore, the quality of life of the people suffering from the chronic diseases faces some limitations. The quality of life can be adversely impaired both physically and mentally. However, there is hope. The Lung Institute has a solution for the chronic lung diseases.

Lung Institute has a new revolutionary technique of tackling the chronic lung illnesses. The institute has developed a stem cell therapy mechanism for the treatment of chronic lung disease with the aim of affecting more than just its symptoms. This treatment option is a game changer; previously the available options mostly focused on alleviating the symptoms rather than treating the disease.

Treatment option offered revolves around the stem cell. What is a stem cell? The stem cell consists of parts that make up life; it is essential to every organism. The stem cells have the capability to renew and duplicate; they can also form any tissue in the body. One characteristic of the adult stem cells is that they are undifferentiated. This means that the cells from one part of the body can transform their function to other types of tissue, an attribute recognized as plasticity. In the regenerative medicine, the most important quality is plasticity.

Through the use of the stem cell treatment,, Lung Institute treats a broad range of the pulmonary conditions; these include emphysema, interstitial lung disease, chronic bronchitis amongst others. The treatment starts by retrieving the cell from the patient’s body; a cell is known autologous stem cells. These are flexible cells extracted from patient’s blood and bone marrow.

The stem cells are separated and returned to the patient intravenously. The stem cells start to promote healing immediately they are returned to the patient’s body. According to Lifestylesafter50 researchers, the once the stem cell is introduced into the body through an IV, they go directly right inside of the heart. Within a heartbeat or two, they are pushed straight to the patient’s lungs where they are trapped. This is called pulmonary trap, a fortunate occurrence to those suffering from chronic lung disease and would like to slow down the progression of the lung illness.

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