Neurocore and the Portland Trail Blazers put their Minds to better Work

You read the title correctly. The same Neurocore that helps patients alleviate stress and drop bad habits also assists many athletes the world over. This might be why we are all the time hearing news out of Florida or Michigan involving one of the company’s eight clinics. Neurocore assisted some very important Portland ball players by combining two very effective biofeedback solutions; improving their deep sleep patterns and also their in-game level of concentration. Follow Neurocore on Twitter.

Let’s begin with that one having to do with deep sleep patterns. Before being sent to a nap, players are equipped with a headset device that is roughly the size of a pair of MP3 headphones. These devices are not Beats by Dre, they are Neurocore Pro Headphones. What they do is send low-frequency waves into the player’s brain as he sleeps, improving his length (and quality) of deep sleep. It seems like something on the Science Fiction channel, but it has real science backing it up! Longer deep sleep sessions result in better-performing players, it’s as simple as that. We all remember the coaches from our youths preaching this at us. Just imagine if he had a pair of magic headphones that could help do the work for us!


The players are also equipped with headphones as they watch a fictional narrative program of sorts that only plays (without stopping) while the player’s brain is correctly concentrating on it! If the player breaks said concentration, the show doesn’t play. Players with uninterrupted program viewing experiences can rest assured that they have better-managed meditation capabilities than the average yoga mom. This sounds like a science fiction movie too, but it proves that a company like Neurocore can use various types of headphone technology to interact with an athlete’s brain in ways that can improve that athlete’s, on the court, performance!

For the past fourteen years, Neurocore has been creating scenes that appear to have come from science fiction films by helping regular people (and celebrities) unlock parts of their own minds that they never thought possible before. Such brain feedback models are important for a variety of important improvement areas. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

New and Better Ways of Treating Joint Pain With Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum

Joint pain, although primarily seen as one of the discomforts of aging, is a medical issue that can attack anyone. Joint pain is soreness, stiffness, or aches that affect the joints, the parts of the body where bones meet. The affected areas include the wrist, elbows, shoulders, knees, and hips. It doesn’t usually require hospitalization, but it will eventually require a doctor visit.


When joint pain becomes a chronic source of distress, it’s more than a rite of passage from youth to old age. Chronic pain that limits a person’s mobility, that makes performing everyday task painful and difficult, or that causes the afflicted area (usually knees or hips) to function improperly, requires surgery the attention of an orthopaedic surgeon.


Osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, post-traumatic arthritis and diseases like lupus and fibromyalgia are conditions that affect the joints. Obesity and sports injuries can also lead to the deterioration of the joints. Increases in medical issues involving joint pain has created a need for more orthopaedic surgeries. This need has also opened the door for more innovations in the treatment of joint pain. The newest trends is replacements and implants.


A major contributor in the joint replacement implant industry is Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum. Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum, a Bronx-based physician, is the Chairman of Orthopaedics at Bronxcare Health System in Bronx, New York. Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum received his medical training at Brown University and at Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University. Dr. Ira Kirshenbaum is an innovator in information technology, design process engineering, and operational leadership. This notable industry leader has a specialty in knee, hip, and shoulder replacement and has performed over 500 operations per year for multiple years. Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum is best known for the for the minimally invasive knee replacement surgery he helped developed. This surgery replaces partial tissue in the knee rather than replacing the entire knee.






Why Hyland’s is Helping Parents to Cope with Their Baby’s Teething

Babies often start teething around five to six months old when their teeth begin to erupt from underneath the gum line. Unfortunately, the teething stage for all babies can be difficult, painful and incredibly uncomfortable. For parents, this means a lot of fussy nights devoid of sleep or rest. Thankfully, there are a myriad of ways to relieve the pain that your baby is experiencing so that they feel better and are able to get through the teething stage without being in pain all the time.


Hyland’s Teething Tablets have been well-known in the parenting world to be an all-natural option for their baby’s teething. The tablets are made with natural herbs like chamomile, coffee extract and lactose. This natural blend of ingredients helps to calm the inflammation of the area and relieve discomfort without the harm that often comes with more potent products. Hyland’s is best known for their homeopathic products and they specialize in infant and child care. These Hyland’s tablets aren’t just useful and helpful, but they are also much cheaper than many other options available on the market nowadays.


Hyland’s was founded in 1903 and is currently based in Los Angeles, California. They specialize in homeopathic care and work with time tested herbal ingredients to provide pain relief and medical aid to those who are in need of help without a prescription. The Hyland’s tablets specific for infants and toddlers can help to get them feeling better without making you, as the parent, feel like you’re giving your baby something that could be harmful to their health. For more information on the Hyland’s brand and all of the other products that they offer, you can visit their site or learn more by reading product reviews that have been written by satisfied customers right on the internet.

Heal And Smooth Gives You A New Way To Combat Arthritis Pain

     Over one-third of the population in America suffers from some or the other form of arthritis. There are currently many treatments out there that one can opt to choose, but few of these treatments live up to their expectations. Going down the medical route and taking a couple of pills per day seems to be the route that most people are trying to take, but these medicines do have harmful effects on the body. Even though they may cause a certain amount of relief, in the long run, they damage your body more than they should.

One of the more common concerns for people who suffer from any form of arthritis is concerning the kind of food that they eat. In many circumstances, arthritis flare-ups are known to occur in patients who eat certain kinds of foods. Things like soda, junk food and even some kinds of grains and vegetables can lead to inflammation in the body, thereby causing a certain amount of pain and discomfort that is always prevalent.

What if there was a way to be able to combat the flare-ups that arise out of eating particular foods while managing the pain and discomfort that comes along with it? Well, there is, and Heal and Smooth has come in as the answer to those woes.

Heal And Smooth doesn’t work like traditional arthritis medications and treatments. It is a supplement that tries to take an alternative approach to helping patients who have been diagnosed with any form of arthritis. Instead of preventing you from eating your favorite foods, Heal And Smooth work like a natural supplement to reduce inflammation, so that you can eat all the food you want, without having to worry about being in pain later on.

Heal And Smooth is most effective when taken thirty to sixty minutes before meals. Those taking the supplement can ideally start off with one pill before every meal, three times a day. If the pain that you experience is more, you can increase the dosage, one pill at a time till you find the right dose that works to relieve you of the pain you are experiencing.

The company bringing Heal And Smooth to the masses believes that customers should try this out for themselves so that they can experience the benefits. Those who want to purchase Heal And Smooth can quickly do so from their official website. If it is your first time, you can avail of a monthly trial, where all you have to do is pay for shipping.


The Benefits of Having MB2 Dental with Us

Dentists often have many difficulties administrating the business side of having their own offices with the practice of actually being an autonomous dentist. Because these professionals often have a small staff or a limited amount of time to dedicate to improving their business model.

This is where Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva, founder of the company MB2 Dental, comes in. He became one of the most influential entrepreneurs in the dentistry field because of how he has helped hundreds of dentists and their teams with a company that is focused on improving the quality of their businesses.

With 70 affiliated offices across more than five states and more than 500 employees spread across their headquarters and locations, the MB2 Dental is behind the businesses of many of the best professionals in Odontology.

The idea for the company came when the expert Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva graduated from the Dental School and was very eager to have his own office and business, but was also considering the fact that many of his colleagues were joining big corporations and groups to be a part of a larger team of dentists. Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva ended up not choosing any of the two routes because they had their sets of limitations. Having autonomy many times meant the sacrifice of having a larger team and a bigger emphasis on more modern equipment.

MB2 Dental came to his mind when he understood that there was a way to get the best of both worlds by founding his own corporation and creating a business model that was meant to help other dentists in the field, especially those who were focused on having their own businesses.

Because of the help of the professional Chris Steven Villanueva, now many doctors can have the support of his company and leave the administration, financial and marketing sides of having your own business for the MB2 Dental staff to handle.

The presence of this endeavor in the market, in fact, has improved the overall dentistry service in the six states it operates in. Why? Because, with so many offices relying on the support of MB2 Dental and its staff to handle the administration of the business, they are able to focus on their craft and receive more patients.

In the end, Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva, the entrepreneur, and CEO of MB2 Dental, helped both the American community of dentists and their patients as well.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America and the NFLA Raise Awareness about Prostate Cancer by Providing Free Screenings

The article “Football League Alumni Association, Cancer Treatment Centers of America and Labcorp Team Up to Offer Prostate Cancer Screenings Starting in September” published by PR Newswire reveals how three associations are joining together to raise awareness about prostate cancer.

Because almost one in seven men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer at some point in their life, many are beginning to understand the dire need for early screenings. That’s why the National Football League Alumni Association, Labcorp and the Cancer Treatment Centers of America are joining forces to bring education about the disease to men around the country.

They are hosting events around the country, beginning in early September and ending mid-October. Labcorp will be offering a Prostate Specific Antigen screening at any of its locations throughout the U.S. The first 2,000 screenings will be free and any screenings scheduled during the sign-up period will be available at a discounted rate.

Many from the NFL will be joining the efforts as a part of the Prostate Pep Talk campaign. Head Coaches like Dick Vermeil, Bill Cowher, and Herm Edwards will be participating to raise awarenees about this deadly cancer. They seek to encourage men to get screenings after turning 40, particularly African American men who have a 70% higher chance of being diagnosed with the disease.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America base their treatment in precision treatment. This treatment differs from traditional treatment because it uses advanced genomic testing technology to bring personalized care to the cellular level. The targeted therapy focuses on the molecular characteristics that can escape the immune system.

They also provide a team of experts whose sole focus is on cancer. They provide skilled doctors and clinicians who have specialized in cancer treatment, from diagnosis to managing side effects. They are a patient oriented organization who provides a team of experts who all work together at one site to provide care tailored to each individual’s needs.

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Entrepreneur Josh Verne Reveals Keys to Success

In a recent podcast interview, entrepreneur Josh Verne revealed his keys to success. During the interview, Verne said that there are a number of things that you need to do if you want to make your life satisfying. One of the things he emphasized was to seek work life balance. It is important to make sure that all aspects of your life are positive such as your career, finances, health and personal relationships. Another thing that Josh believes is key to success in life is making sure that you are in a career that you truly enjoy. This will allow you to be in better position to excel. Verne has also said that it is important to have good leadership skills where you let others collaborate and make suggestions. This will allow them to fulfill the objectives that you set for them. Lastly, it is important to listen more than talk so that the things you say will have a great impact on others.


Josh Verne is the current co founder of a company known as FlockU. The company specializes in providing marketing content geared towards college students. With this company, a number of students can learn more about what events are taking place on campus as well as gaining access to brand name products that are currently being sold. The combination of these things will allow college students to establish a deeper connection to campus life as well as be in better position to get top quality merchandise as well.


At the beginning of his career, Josh worked at a furniture distribution business owned by his family. When he first started out, he would work in the warehouse and track inventory. After a couple of years, Josh would then advance to managerial positions with more responsibility. Verne would the move on to work in sales for a number of retail companies. During this time, he would help generate up to 200 million dollars worth of sales. As a result, he established himself as a leading salesman in the field. He would then start up his own company and become an entrepreneur.

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Securus Technologies And ConnectUs Team Up

Securus Technologies, headquarters is in Dallas, Texas. The company is one of the most innovative leaders in the civil and criminal justice technology field today. Their innovative additions to the industry produced millions of dollars in savings and time for prison systems across the country. They’ve joined with ConnectUs to implement new technology strategies to speed up the processing of inmate forms and grievance applications. Securus Technologies goal is to revolutionize the civil and criminal justice field with cutting edge technology that increases efficiency. Read more about Securus on Linkedin.

New Innovations
The fact is that the prison system is a bit dated. The average prison spends a tremendous amount of time and money handling paper work manually. This probably seems very surprising to those outside the prison system, but it is very true. Manually handling all those request forms submitted by prisoners is a process that took up a lot of valuable time and led to frustration on both sides of the prison system. However, Securus Technologies And ConnectUs Inmate Forms and Grievance application is a big success in prison systems across the country. Now, forms and grievances are handled in a very timely manner.

Securus Technologies
Securus Technologies remain one of the top leaders in the civil and criminal justice technology field. Securus Technologies supply their innovative technology to thousands of facilities around the country. Thousands of law enforcement and correctional agencies across the country trust and rely on the company for the best in technology.

Securus Technologies are on the cutting edge of civil and criminal justice technology since they started back in 1986. They are headquartered in Dallas, Texas. The company has regional offices in Carrollton, Texas, Allen Texas, and Atlanta, Georgia. They’ve been in the correctional industry for 30 years, serving 3,400 institutions across the country along with more than a million inmates.

Curvy Styles Now Available At JustFab

JustFab is a well known online retailer for handbags, boots and shoes. They offer the latest styles at the most affordable prices. They offer the ability to browse and buy, or join the monthly subscription service to get all the great fashions sent automatically every month.

JustFab offers fashion to women of most sizes. Until recently though, they seemed to overlook the plus sized or curvy women. Their most recent additions to their fashion offerings include plus sized staples. These are basic pieces that will set the foundation for an absolutely fabulous closet.
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JustFab: Women’s Shoes, Boots, Handbags & Clothing Online
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The awesome part of the new line is that now JustFab also offers complete looks. While they market outfits, typically they have sold all the pieces to the outfits separately. This has changed to allowing browsers and members to click on a button under a model’s picture to buy exactly what the model is wearing, all of it.

The Curvy Fashionista got a chance to preview the new looks and have raved about them. Functional yet pretty and smart for any time of day or night is how reviews have rated the new plus sized line. Their only hope is that in future months they hope all the styles are available at all available sizes.

JustFab offers women a new and better way to get the latest fashion trends. Usually one would have to spend hours going through websites and stores looking for the newest styles. With JustFab the styles are all collaborated for the shopper so they can choose what they want and crave in one convenient stop.

Get your own stylist to help choose the right fashions for you. Taking a simple quiz when first visiting the JustFab site allows for personal selections of fashions that will suit your style. These selections will then be collaborated and offered at the beginning of every month. Sign up for automatic shipping, or choose to opt out of that month and go with something else.

The announcement of plus sizes at JustFab makes fashion accessible no matter what your size. Beautiful selections that are affordable and in step with the fashion world.

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