Huffington Post Article Suggests Slyce To Make Wedding Registry Easier

New technologies in online shopping are coming out of the wood works, and consumers are using them to simplify their shopping experiences. Can this new technology be used to help other industries sell products to consumers? The Huffington Post recently wrote a compelling article where they summed up what online shopping and wedding planning was in the past, what the experience is currently like for consumers, and what the online shopping and wedding planning experience of the future will be like. This post will sum up some of their findings, and we’ll discuss one of the newest and most innovative technologies for visual search from a company called Slyce.

Wedding Planning Made Simple

One of the most exciting experiences for anyone planning their weddings or other events involving gift registries is making a registry for gifts that they hope guests will purchase. According to the Huffington Post, this industry needs some work. The current use of digital scanners is failing because the scanners are sometimes not in proper working condition. The article also reports that some major retailers have online gift registries, but the gift registries aren’t updating the purchased gifts quickly enough to keep up with consumer’s purchasing habits.

One of the interesting ideas that the Huffington Post came up with was to use a company like Slyce to make the gift registry model work better. Since Slyce uses the camera of a user’s device to find relevant products when a user searches with their application, the Huffington Post writer suggests that this technology could be used to make the gift registry industry run smoother. Slyce could help consumers set up their gift registries, and it could help keep track of what gifts have already been purchased.

This idea seems like it is entirely possible, and it could happen relatively soon. It is a possibility due to Slyce’s new connections with major retailers. In fact, the company has gained recognition as one of the largest and most successful image recognition companies on the market today. Slyce has connections with a number of major retailers, including Neiman Marcus, the Home Depot, Tilly’s and Urban Outfitters.