Higher Education Takes Science Papers Online Via Wikipedia

Few educators at colleges and universities have ever allowed their students to submit their scientific papers and other research online. They certainly always dismissed web sites such as Wikipedia as nothing serious, as non-academic tourist traps, and as not signifying of any importance. That attitude has been forced to change for Wikipedia as it has grown in total volume of information and especially total number of users. Nearly 10,000 views of Wikipedia pages happen every second of every day, on average. The maturing of Wikipedia is now seen as the advent of truly open and free communications of all types of knowledge, including for academia.

Part of the maturing process at Wikipedia is not only the inclusion of serious research and learning by major educational institutions, such as Duke, Harvard, US Berkeley universities, but the new awareness that the knowledge on the site has become lopsided by gender bias. So many of the early Wikipedia writers and editors have been male (86%) that female views, and especially knowledge of famous and cultural icons that are women, have been missed. This was not planned in any kind of sinister plot. It is simply something that has fallen through the cracks. Multiple professors at these universities are rising to the challenge in what they term the “Year of Science” effort. One such project is called the Wiki Ed Project. It’s aim is to promote science through Wikipedia.

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