Julia Jackson: The Santa Maria Valley Way

Julia JacksonHave you ever heard of the Santa Maria Valley of California? Have you ever heard of Julia Jackson? If you’re not into the production of wine then you probably haven’t heard, but Julia Jackson is one of the leading figures for Jackson Family Wines. Jackson Family Wines is a close-nit group of family and friends. These people work together for the greater good of the wine industry. The company has wineries all across the globe in areas such as Chile, France, South Africa and Australia. The Santa Maria Valley provides the perfect environment that’s conducive for growing grapes. On the other hand, Julia Jackson is one of the daughters of the late Jess Jackson. Julia has her very own “Julia’s Vineyard” that’s located here in this prominent valley. Her mother, Barbara Banke, runs the business on a daily basis as she has the best business-savvy sense to get the job done.Julia Jackson

Jackson Family Wines produce Merlot, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Champagne. Its Viognier (2015) wine has a bright color, is acidic, and it will send your taste buds into overdrive with its delicious flavor of tangerine. Julia works here along with her other siblings. Jess Jackson’s essence is still running the veins of the company, and its personnel. Julia spends time operating “Seeds of Empowerment,” which is her nonprofit organization. This organization celebrates female empowerment, and it donates hundreds of thousands of dollars on a yearly basis. This family has sustainably worked these hallowed grounds for more than 30 years. During this time, Julia would attend college at Stanford University, do some modeling in Los Angeles and complete her studies in Bordeaux, France. The future of the winemaking industry is looking stronger than ever thanks to the brilliant services and products that come from this specific region.