Why You Should Only Trust Your Cosmeitc Surgery to the Best Surgeons

Cosmetic surgery can do wonders for a person’s self-esteem and confidence, or it can make things much worse. Undergoing any type of surgery requires complete and absolute trust in your surgeon. It is just as important to have a competent and experienced surgeon during cosmetic surgery as it is during heart surgery. Many types of surgeries can be life-threatening, but cosmetic surgery can continue to affect your life long after the surgery is completed.

Dr. Rod Rohrich, an award-winning cosmetic surgeon based in Dallas, Texas understands the complexities of cosmetic surgery and is well aware of its life-altering effects before and after any procedure. Cosmetic surgery can have a profound psychological impact on a patients mental and emotional state. If a cosmetic procedure is not performed as it should and the results are less than favorable, it can be very psychologically damaging to the patient.

When it comes to rhinoplasty, facelifts, and breast surgery, Dr. Rod Rohrich is considered to be one the best cosmetic surgeons by his patients and his peers as well. Rohrich is internationally known for his skill in performing rhinoplasty or nose jobs and has authored hundreds of articles and textbooks on the subject. His modern approach to rhinoplasty has earned him numerous awards and recognition throughout the medical arena.


Jeff Herman Speaks About His Practice and Life

Jeff Herman is an experienced attorney who specializes in representing clients who have been the victims of some type of sexual abuse. Mr. Herman is a graduate of Case Western Reserve Law School and the University of Arizona. Mr. Herman’s law firm is located in Boca Raton, Florida. In addition to his work inside the courtroom, Mr. Herman’s expert opinions on the law are sought by media organizations including CNN, the New York Times and USA Today.

Jeff Herman was recently asked why he became involved in the area of sexual abuse law. Mr. Herman recalls that he was asked to represent a client whose young son was assaulted while at a childcare center. The center had employed a known offender. Mr. Herman says that he knew from that point that he wanted to devote his career to helping the victims and the families who faced such terrible abuse often due to the negligence of others.

When taking on a new case and a new client, Jeff Herman employs a whole team to garner the information necessary to bring the case to a successful conclusion. He has his own team of investigators. Before the case even gets off the ground, Mr. Herman maps out the case that way that he envisions that it will unfold. This gives him a game plane to see a case to the end.

Jeff Herman is encouraged about what he has seen recently regarding the MeToo movement. He is encouraged that people are speaking out against those who have abused them. When people feel empowered by others, they are more willing to stand up for themselves.

There are some key things that Jeff Herman states that he has learned at this point in his life and in his career. He believes that one should strive for success. However, one should take time to enjoy life and living. Making and keeping friends is a key to a successful life. Finding the one area that you can specialize in and help others have a better life will lead to professional success and happiness.

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Jeff Herman


Vinod Gupta-Facilitating Women Education to High Levels of Global Scale

Educating a woman is prospering the whole community, and Vinod Gupta exceptionally understands this philosophy and embraces it to the core. Vinod is a highly noted business executive with vast years of exceptional success and experiences dealing with wide range of both national and international companies. He embraces humble beginning from the smallest town of India and attributes his success to the lesson he learned in his home village.

Vinod Gupta is self-made million who went to the village school and later enrolled at Indian Institutes’ of Technology and focused on agricultural engineering. Then he moved to Nebraska University for his Masters in business and farm engineering and currently the president-owner and managing partner of the Everest Groups of Company. The company specializes in private equities, provision of business venture capital, servicing of the failing business and consultation matters of database technology.

Vinod Gupta has utilized his success and flourishing life in offering life-changing chances and benefits of education to women of his village. He has positively enriched lives of individuals by building of schools in various impoverished parts of his country and also establishing a stronger funding venue for multiple courses at the Alma Mater. Vinod Gupta life force is embracing numerous charitable efforts and ensuring they continue growing and helping others by providing them with substantial opportunities.

Vinod Gupta donated over 1million dollar directed at building a women polytechnic at his Rampur Maniharan hometown, and the school has enabled thousands of women to get their post-graduate degree within 24 months. The Polytechnic began in 2000 and focuses on different study fields like information technology, computer application, textile designing and web designing. Additionally, Vinod Gupta has devoted to funding a girls school providing all its educational needs and ensuring the girls from his hometown village are well educated. Gupta appreciates his father as the force behind his great success, education and philanthropic activities.

Mike Burwell Reflects On His Success

Mike Burwell is an accomplished businessman in the industry. His origins begin when he graduated Michigan State University in 1986. He would then go on to work for Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP, where he performed various jobs. This includes 11 years in the assurance practice industry. By 1997, he was well established in the company and was asked to become the Detroit transaction business leader.


This didn’t stop Mike Burwell from continuing to advance even further. Just a few years later he was appointed Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer of the company. By 2012, he had become Vice Chairman Global and U.S. Transformation. However, Michael Burwell’s accomplishments still don’t stop there. He soon rose to his present position of Chief Financial Officer of Willis Towers Watson. The website IdeaMensch recently conducted an interview to learn more about Mike Burwell.


The average day for Mike Burwell begins at 5am, and he always sets aside time for reflection. He cites that as the main reason he can stay productive. He believes in doing more for less. Productivity is important to a successful career. While at the same time, simply listening and meeting people will go a long way. When it comes to Mike Burwell and his team, he always like to examine any idea that comes his way. Otherwise, you might accidentally pass up on the next big thing.


During the next part, Mike Burwell gives a few pieces of his own personal opinions. He thinks highly of the ideas coming from the company InsureTech. He also believes micro communities are the way of the future. He then reflects on the past for a brief moment. Mike Burwell wishes he learned sooner that collaboration and consensus end in two different directions. Lastly, he ends by describing how listening to others and expanding your network is vital, while also staying positive and pushing forward.


There are few business men who have climbed the ladder like Mike Burwell. His decades worth of experience has culminated time and time again in promotions. He began doing typical work, to leading a small portion of a company, and eventually to an entire business. He is someone whose advice can be trusted. It just takes perseverance and the right mind to navigate the business world.


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Come You All With Startup ideas For Glen Wakeman Has A Plan

It is almost common knowledge nowadays that starting a business is not easy. In fact many will tell you starting a business that will eventually succeed is easier than running one. What if someone came up with simple rules and guidelines that you could follow say like commandments and will make the startup easy? This might sound a little hard to swallow but actually, there is a man who did this and his name is Glen Wakeman.

Glen Wakeman created a software that could help entrepreneurs find the first step of writing a business a little less tedious. He developed a plan which he named Wake five-step methodology.

The first step is marketing. The entrepreneur needs to ask what is sold and why is it being sold? After answering that, the entrepreneur needs to look at the operations of the business. The most important question is the logistics aspect. How shall you deliver?

The third component is talent. This is very important. The entrepreneur needs to ask who will do what and can they? The fourth component is finance. Is the amount of money you have enough? Where shall you get more? Finally, the last part is risk management. Are you satisfied with your plan so far and can you go on?

Glen Wakeman developed these steps because in his long illustrious career he noticed business was failing because of the same reason and this simple steps will be a cure for this. Glen Wakeman is a man full of experience having previously worked with General Electric as the COO of Consolidated Financial Group, General Director of Global insurance Venture and Director of Business Development at GE Money.

Glen Wakeman has tried his own plan and has seen it work. He started GE money Latin America with himself as the only employee to 17,000 employees, 12 billion dollars in asset distributed in over 9 countries. His new venture Launchpad that helps budding entrepreneurs is also seeing the same growth and Glen Wakeman has put some nuggets of wisdom in a blog he maintains.

Glen Wakeman hope is to grow Launchpad to a level where he can give part of his profit as an angelic investor for upcoming entrepreneurs. The call is simple, let the entrepreneurs come for Glen Wakeman has a plan


Graham Edwards journey to the top.

Telereal Trillium company was formed as a result of a merger between Telereal and Trillium companies in 2009. This was initiated by Graham Edwards who contacted trillium CEO with the offer. After the agreement, the two companies became one something that expanded their influence especially under the leadership of Graham Edwards who became the first CEO. he has largely contributed to the success of this company which would have proven impossible without his efforts.

In April 2018. Graham Edward was appointed to be executive chairman of Telereal Trillium Company in addition to his chief executive officer position which he has held since 2009. Graham Edwards has always shown a balanced approach to the business something he has demonstrated throughout his professional career.

Graham Edward is a graduate of Kings Collection London and the University of Cambridge where he did a course on economics. After school, Graham Edwards served in high profile organizations like Talisman Global Company of asset management where he served as the chief executive officer. Graham Edward also held positions as a manager of funds at Merril currently known as Blackrock Investment Management, and he was in charge of finance for the BT Group Plc.’s property department. Mr. Graham Edward is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ACA), he is also a member of Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (FRICS) and the UK Society of Investment Professionals (ASIP).

Telereal Trillium Company focuses on investments, property partnerships, and developments in the United Kingdom, making it one of the largest private companies there. It is led by a team of professionals among them being Graham, who focuses on making their clients happy and highly values good and long-term relationships with clients the like of Royal Mail.

Telereal Trillium first clients were the Departments of works and pension and BT. After this, they devoted themselves to facility management contracts along with property strategy before later venturing into large-scale capital transactions.

Graham Edwards’ leadership has not only seen the company’s birth but also the progression towards its expansion in terms of holdings and revenues.

IC Systems: A Cut Above Other Agencies

When it comes to the Collections industry, the landscape is strewn with collections agencies with a wide variety of

differing backgrounds and relations with their clients and patients. Many of these collections agencies are known for being dedicated to

their work and roles as ethical agents for their clients revenue protection. One of the leaders in the Collections space is IC Systems. This company

is well-known and reputed for its eight decades long history of providing quality service to the client companies it has relationships with. We’ll touch on what makes IC Systems a clear stand out in the market place.


IC Systems has been around since 1938 when Jack and Ruth Erickson filed its articles of incorporation. A Minnesota institution by choice, IC Systems has called St. Paul home since its inception.

Founded on solid guiding principles like dedication to ethical business practices, great customer service, and efficient production; the company has remained a family business. Three generations of Ericksons have taken the helm

and have navigated the company successfully through a World War, and on beyond the Great Recession all while maintaining a reputation for integrity which has been recognized time and time again by third party organizations.

As the proverb says, innovation is what makes a leader and IC Systems is certainly a leader on the cutting edge of thought being the first collections agency to use computers instead of typewriters as well as winning the Better Business Bureau’s

Torch Award three years in a row.


While accounts receivable and collections are seemingly not arenas which would bear philanthropy, IC Systems has quite the showcase of philanthropic victories under its belt.

Company culture nurtures an internal dedication to face outward and embrace the community, sime current and past charitable campaigns include Toys For Tots, The Red Cross, and The Special Olympics.

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IC System Explains Collections Process


Kamil Idris Expresses Concern About Intellectual Property Violations

Kamil Idris holds an LLB with honors from the University of Khartoum and a Ph.D. In International Law from Geneva University in Switzerland. The Sudanese native holds honorary doctorate degrees in law from other Universities around the world. Kamil is widely known for his period in office as the Director General of the World Intellectual Property Organization from 1997- 2008. He has served in international positions including the Secretary-General of the Union for the Protection of Plant Varieties and as a member of The Permanent Court of Arbitration. Due to his experience in international affairs and law, he is regularly the chair for essential arbitration panels of the court.

Professor Kamil Idris is a respected writer of books and journals on Intellectual Property, Development and International law. He has written his biography in a book titled “My Nile Odyssey” which captures the details of his work experience in labor factories in Egypt, the time he was intimidated by fishermen on River Nile who said he possessed evil and his travels across Europe as a teenager. He has earned global achievements and respect due to his works.

The diplomat has been in the forefront of advocating for Intellectual Property Rights and Laws that safeguard them. In one of his messages when he was the Director General of WIPO, he urges everyone especially governments to protect Intellectual Property. In his view, this promotes creativity in businesses and innovating technologies which in turn leads to economic development. It is essential for everyone to join WIPO on 26th April in recognizing the endless creativity of the human mind that has enhanced the quality of society and why it is vital to protect Intellectual Property.

Intellectual property has become a dominant player in international state relations, especially in this globalized world. It is the main reason for ongoing trade disputes between the United States and China. The European Union has recently been putting in place measures to minimize and prevent disputes arising from Intellectual Property violation disputes among its states.

In 2016, the European Parliament and Council suggested a directive to protect trade secrets called the European Union Trade Secrets Directive. Its mandate is to harmonize Intellectual Property laws across the European Union. The Unified Patent Court was formed to resolve differences arising from patent theft. The European Patent Office receives, reviews and grants patent applications to help individuals and countries in the European Union to protect their work and benefit from it.


The Use of Data and News As Factors for Igor Cornelsen

There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to investing. One thing that people think about when they talk about investing is putting their money on a stock and then walking away with the hopes of it rising in price and making a fortune for the individual. The truth is that it can be a full time job to invest. One person who works full time as an investor is Igor Cornelsen. He is one of the more successful investors with a diverse portfolio. He takes his investments seriously and watches everything closely so that he can manage his money.

One thing that Igor Cornelsen does is look at the news and other reports so that he can get the information he needs to adjust his investments. Once he has the information he needs to make a decision, then he is going to either cut his investments or hold on to it. The way Igor describes his day is that he starts in Sao Paulo. Later on in the day, the markets will open in Europe. He will observe the news and look for any signs that he should drop his investments with a certain company or asset.

While it does sound like Igor Cornelsen spends all of his time alone, there are times when he meets with colleagues and friends. When he meets with them, they engage in a conversation where they share insights and ideas. Another thing they do is encourage one another in order to keep up with their investments. Igor gains some perspective from his friends and colleagues on what he can do in order to improve his experience as an investor. At the same time, he shares something that can help his friends and colleagues with their investments.

This is one of many different strategies that people can use to increase their success. Of course the strategy that works the most depends on the type of market that one is investing in. However, the most important factor in investments is the individual and how he processes everything. The right strategy for the individual is important for making a fortune.

PSI Pay and Achievements in Digital Finance

The British Retail Consortium indicates that more than 50 percent of all British purchases involve credit card transactions. PSI Pay Ltd not long ago revealed something that may indicate that cashless payments are only going to become more and more common. PSI Pay has an affiliate by the name of Kerv Wearables. These brands are endorsing payments that are cashless in a significant manner. They’ve teamed up as a means of giving the global market access to the premier contactless payment ring.

People can forget all about frantically looking for cash that may be hiding inside of their pocketbooks. They can forget all about having to remember pin numbers, too. Contactless payments are a speedy option. They give people the power to be able to complete purchases via manual devices.

Contactless payments employ smart, debit and credit cards. People can employ these cards any time they wish to complete payments for services and goods. PSI Pay is the name of a business that supplies the public with the ease of contactless payments. Its aforementioned affiliate, Kerv, supplies it via their ring. The company’s rings aim to give people strength and convenience. Wearing them isn’t at all awkward or unpleasant. They’re available in a total of 12 distinct sizes. They’re suitable for males and females alike. They can tolerate a significant degree of scraping, scratching and even water exposure.

PSI Pay is among the United Kingdom’s top FinTech firms with regulation on its side. It’s happy to tell the entire world that the year 2015 was its strongest one yet. PSI Pay has totally finished its directional update. It’s established various stronger ties with suppliers. It’s managed more extensive technological investments as well. The aim at PSI Pay has been markedly better security practices.

2015 for PSI Pay was all about enhanced pre-tax profits, income revenues and business volumes galore. Phil Davies works as the capable managing director of PSI Pay. He indicated that this achievement has been the result of solid teamwork. He also indicated that this achievement confirms the quality of the PSI Pay team. He credits a couple of big factors for PSI Pay’s accomplishments as of late. These factors include an exhaustive marketing campaign and an effective program for affiliates. They even include the introduction of numerous thrilling new offerings. PSI Pay has made the decision to move into several other nations beyond the United Kingdom as well.